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My SIL had her baby yesterday!

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Awwww, it was their first!  I'm so excited for them.  She's such a tiny little thing (my SIL...I think she weighs about 110 lbs soaking wet) and she birthed all naturally a 8 lb 9 oz boy!  George Everett is the name...he's freakn' adorable.  


Long hard labour and at the hospital there were 35 women all in labour at the same time.  So one of the interns came in and told them (after 12 hrs of labour) that the next step was oxycontin.  My SIL was a little out of it but my stepbrother was like "uh, no, why would you even say that?"  Turns out it allows them to control when the birth occurs and since they were over capacity with moms in labour they were pushing it like candy to all the moms.  eyesroll.gif


Anyhow, she did eventually ask for an amnio but it was too late at that point.  She pushed for 3 hrs and out came such a handsome little man.  :)  


Just had to share and yea...it will be our turns soon enough, ladies!!

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I'm sorry her labor was so rough, but I hope she recovers quickly! Congratulations to you and your family!

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There were 35 women in labour all at the same time?  At the same hospital??  What the heck was it, a baby factory?  Holy cr*p!  Where did they put all these women?  Well done to your sis-in-law that she stood her ground and refused the oxytocin and she had a great DH who spoke up for her.  She must be one tough lady.  Congratulations to her on the birth of her first baby and to you on your new nephew! 

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Wow...35?  at once?  Holy smokes....my hospital only has 2 labor/delivery rooms!  eeek.

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LOL, it's the biggest hospital in the Toronto area so lots of women but still lots of rooms.  I don't know how many were in each area but yeah...can you imagine?  Since opening they have never had that many women in labour all at once!  (Apparently New Years was one hell of a time to conceive!!!)


I'll bet the birthing staff were glad to see it come to an end!

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Awwww :) Congrats to your brother and SIL!! And wow, what a giant hospital is must be!

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Wow, that's just a lot of babies. They were pushing my sister with one of her kids bc they were over crowded too. Wonder if it was the full moon....


Congrats to you, auntie, to mama and papa - and congrats to them for saying no to the dr's little suggestion there. babyboy.gif 

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