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Just checking

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So like so many here have posted, my dd woke up with a rash. Not to bad I caught it right way and she has been diaper free since(We practice EC, too) . I am stripping her Kawaii's as we speak. Just hot water as the company suggests. Then some sun and another wash or two at least. I guess I will be picking up some disposables? Because I read that diaper creams and cloth diapers don't mix, right? Which leads me to my first thought. A couple of my children had eczema as babies so I am a very soap wary mama. I usually bath twice a week (and I use a very modest amount of "98% naturally derived" baby wash). For those of you who don't suspect your laundry soap (which I still do), what are you using in the bath? Maybe I need to get over my fear of bath soap caused rashes? Do you think mostly water baths are suspect for a babe in cloth? BTW I am ashamed to admit that my dd is the first of my children to be exclusively cloth diapered hence my need for more input on this. Disposables are an abomination :(


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Solution! Cloth diaper liners. So the cream stays off the diapers, or in any event is considerably less of an issue.

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alot of folks swear by coconut oil. It's ok to get on the diapers. It's just the zinc oxide you have to worry about.

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We use Earth Mama Angel Baby shampoo and body wash and we love it. They also make a Bottom Balm for rashes which works really well.
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