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Could my due date be a month off?

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Hi all,
I'm new to the site and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so here goes…

My due date is nov 22. I had my LMP in feb. my mom and grandma keep telling me that I look farther along than 32 weeks. The baby is dropping lower everyday (it has been noted by multiple people and I can FEEL his head on my cervix) baby has measured 2 weeks big at every appointment. So all this has led me to go back and check my dates. It turns out my feb period was shorter and lighter than normal and my last "typical" period was January! So now I'm all paranoid that my due date is closer to the end of October.

this is my second pregnancy and everything this time around has happened earlier than I expected: feeling baby move, baby dropping and other symptoms.

Anyone experience something like this or have advice? I have a MW appointment in a few days and I plan on bringing it up then.

I should also note that I never got a good u/s due date because I didn't have my first u/s until 20 weeks and baby was already measuring big.

Thanks Mommas!
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this is my third too, and I am measuring about 2 months ahead. I know my dates are good, but my first was born at 35 weeks, my second at 37, so I'm expecting this baby around halloween too instead of thanksgiving. And yes, I'm starting to freak out a little. the house is a mess, the back yard fence needs to be fixed, and none of my maternity clothes fit anymore except for the yoga pants. And I don't even have any nursing bras!

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Due dates are an estimate anyway.  I think it's very typical to show more and experience things sooner the second (and more) times around.  I would also never go off someone else idea of how "big you look".  There ideas are so skewed and every woman will show differently.  I spent my entire 2nd pregnancy with my MIL asking how I was measuring and commenting on how big I was-I'm just not a tiny pregnant lady.

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This happened to me last year. I thought I was due early nov. and during august and early sept. I had all the symptoms of being close to labor that I had with my 41w pregnancy. Sept 24 I had 2 hours from first sign of labor to having her on my chest, but I went to hospital alerting them she was early. She clearly wasn't but I felt pressured to let them take her to a doctor to be looked over and they kept her for a week and I believe if I had kept her with me we would have gone home that day.

If I could do it over, I would insist they check her while on my chest, and insist that I have a chance for kangaroo care and feeding. They said her breathing seemed laboured and then all sorts of other things came about because we were seperated and I wasn't able to feed her.

Get your gbs test now and then again in a few weeks if you don't go into labour early. I had to fight off threats from doctors because I didn't want her to have antibiotics.

Go with your mama instinct!
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The thought of having this baby a whole month early terrifies me right now! I have so many more things I need to get done.

It's more my questionable dates that concern me than how I look. And I've been contracting the last few days… I checked my cervix this morning and my finger tip slid right in! Have an appointment today so I will ask the MW and see what her take on this is. I guess I'd just like to know what the protocol would be since right now I'm technically preterm and I don't know if they'd want to stop labor or not. I'm probably stressing about nothing. We'll see!
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