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What toys do your babies actually play with?

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I have an almost 5 month old and am looking for something that will interest him.  We give him household objects a lot, and my older boys' toys too, but I was wondering if there's something that your babies really like to play with and will keep them busy for a while?  I am running out of ideas!  Household object/homemade toy suggestions would be great, but if there's a toy that actually interests your babe, I'd like to know.  I feel like so many toys for his age are just a waste of money.  Right now his favorite is a crumpled up piece of paper.  eyesroll.gif

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My babies never played with toys much. But they loved the cabinet I made for them in the kitchen with all sorts of plastic tupperware storage bowls. It was great bc I could do dishes while they played.

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My kids liked measuring cups, bowls, that kind of thing best. Oh, and balls. They loved balls, not just to throw but to pick up and hold too. And blocks - even if he isn't ready to stack (don't remember the age for that) he might like to pick htem up and pass them back and forth between his hands, or hit two of them together.
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At that age, my son liked:

Sophie the Giraffe

Manhattan Toy Winkel

board books

rings/hoops that stack

and those wobbly rattle egg things

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The things that my 9  month old loves (and has for a while) -


Play silks- He enjoyed just holding them when he was very little and now he hides toys under them/he hides under them and plays peek a boo.



Board books


A toy car (he loves to push it around!)

A nursing/teething necklace that he has with wooden/crochet beads.

Baby safe mirror

Baby xylophone and piano

His music table that he can stand at


Uhh... and water bottles never seem to get old! Same with plastic bags (with close supervision, of course!)

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Lamaze toys are great, my daughter loves the one we have. A baby toy car, not matchbox size, bigger so babies can push it easily. My DD loves stuff animals, which is unusual for babies. She has this stuffed basset hound that she holds by the ears and talks to. We stacking/nesting cups. Books! My DD loves books. 

She's 7 months. 

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When DD was 5 months, she enjoyed her floor gym a lot.  She was just getting coordinated enough to have a ball batting away at those toys. Rattles were fun too.  She also loved crinkling up and chewing on parchment paper.  Now, at 8 months, it's a daily challenge to find something new and engaging in my house to give her to gum on, bang on, and not hurt herself on! Any stacking cup, serving spoons, pots, containers, containers with things in them to rattle around, etc. Today's big hit was the plastic container that salad mix comes in. Kept DD from completely falling apart while I was making dinner past her bed time.

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For an older baby, a simple shape sorter or imbucare (?) box...kept my DD busy for ages.

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At 5-6 months my DS absolutely LOVED his jumper (we have this one http://www.merrymuscles.com/products/Merry-Muscles-Baby-Exerciser.html). He would play happily in it for an hour, hour and a half, even two hours some times. I had it hung up right between our kitchen and lviing room so he could watch and interact with me whichever room I was in. For added fun I'd put a box beside him so he could push it and kick it as he bounced.

He also finally started liking his floor gym around that age.
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These are all great ideas, thanks!! Floor gym, duh! I bet he would love that now.
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My almost 5month old dd's favorite toy by far is Sophie the Giraffe! She loves chewing on the face and feet.
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My DS loved just about anything from the kitchen at from about 3mos and on (he's 2 1/2 now).  I would give him just a couple of things when he was real young (until e could crawl over and explore cabinets himself).  Like two yogurt/sour cream tubs with lids.  Put something in one, or give them a wooden spoon... now there's some fun!  Also, just turning a couple of cups/bowls upside down and putting something beneath them is a lot to explore for a baby!  Any weird kitchen gadgets were/are hits: sifters, steamers, shakers (maybe with something that sounds cool inside). 


Outside of the kitchen I stuffed a lot of toys or fabrics inside of other things for him to discover.  Such as socks in an empty tissue box (while doing laundry), then he could try pulling them out and putting them in.  And he loved bells.  We went to the craft store and got jingle bells and a hand bell (like the Salvation Army people ring at x-mas time).  I strung the jingle bells on some ribbon and he really liked those.  He still uses the hand bell to announce "Dinner's ready!"


Mirrors!  We set one up one the floor and put DS in the Bumbo in front of it.  He loved it.  I could do a dish or two, then lean down and play peek-a-boo with a dish towel or cloth or whatever, then he would practice and make all kinds of faces at himself. 


And rotation!  We tried to remember to pull out different kitchen utensils than we gave him the night before when we were in there preparing a meal.  Or stuff something unexpected underneath all of the socks in the tissue box (a favorite toy, a string of jingle bells, something of a different weight and texture than the socks). 


Good luck! 

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Lately, my son's favorite things are seashells. I have two really big ones that are thick and strong, so he can't break them or swallow them. One is a large cowrie that is the size of the palm of my hand. Nice and slippery and he can drool all over it and feel the different textures on each side. I don't know what the other is, but it's similar to an abalone shell only pink. It has been polished on both sides so it's nice and slick and looks like a big pig's ear. He could slobber on those things all day. :)

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Her brothers toys, cars, trains, light sabers, and robots.  She loves spoons, little balls, fluffy slippers, basically anything she can get her hands on and teeth into

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So far, her two favorite things are #1 mirror and #2 a play gym.  Her daddy built the frame and I attached a couple bells with ribbon.  She lays under the play gym and can hit the bells with her hands or feet.  She also enjoys staring at them.  :)   She also enjoys looking and talking to herself in the mirror.  We're all about the simple toys here, and she loves it.  She doesn't get overstimulated, but it's not boring either. :)  She's almost 6 months old, and she's been enjoying these two "toys" since she was about 3 months old.  Now that she's getting older I'm looking into other things for her, but will still be keeping it very simple.

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Play gym with various things tied to it

any sort of movement like a little "walking elephant" on a ramp or a ball track

peek a boo with or without a playsilk

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