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Here's an interesting question: when the heck do you change the diaper? I'm cloth diapering, so when he wets, the whole thing is soaked. He also poops during his feedings, and at night, if I change him after, he doesn't pass into deep sleep like he needs (and I do) to get his 1-3 hrs. If I change him before, he's sitting in poop while he sleeps. If I change him between breasts he spits up from laying down too quickly. No rashes or anything so far, but just wondering what makes for the smoothest transition from diaper to breast to sleep?


We use disposables at night and cloth during the day.  Most of our cloth is still too big for her.  Anyways, using disposables at night is easiest because they're stay-dry.  I don't feel as guilty if she pees a tiny bit and I leave it on her because she's not going to get a rash like she would in cloth.  (Though there are cloth dipes with stay-dry linings, like microfleece and suedecloth).  If she poops as she nurses, I change it immediately and latch her back on.  Burping helps to ease the spit-up, as does laying baby's upper body on a pillow so they're at a very slight incline while being changed.  Then we latch back on and all is fine.. sometimes she'll poop 2 or 3 times.  I'm not really good at reading her cues as to when she's done, lol.




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And also, do you switch breasts during a feeding, or do you let the baby stay on one until he's done? Towards the end of one breast he sucks harder and it hurts, so I take him off, and I'll offer the other side, but he isn't always interested.


I always use one breast unless she's for whatever reason ravenous and has almost completely emptied the first one (which is rare, I have a massive oversupply).  But yeah.. always one breast.  The oversupply thing.. I need to be making sure she gets enough hindmilk as I have mostly foremilk it seems.

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The lactation consultant I talked to recommended block feeding with frequent nursers. Only using one breast for 2-3 hours straight to make sure they are getting enough hindmilk. I noticed a big different in satiation once I started doing this.

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Drumroll please!

I got my hemoglobin numbers back!!!! 11.2!!!!
Two weeks ago I had a pp hemorrhage! 12 days ago my hemoglobin was 6.3.

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The lactation consultant I talked to recommended block feeding with frequent nursers. Only using one breast for 2-3 hours straight to make sure they are getting enough hindmilk. I noticed a big different in satiation once I started doing this.

Mhm, we block feed like that during cluster feeds. block feeding in longer (6 hour) blocks hasntt helped my oversupply though...which would be nice!
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Ascher - I cloth diaper too.  I normally change him when he wakes at night and if he poops mid feeding I will change him immediately and then relatch.  If I do not change him at each waking he will leak, but last night I added a doubler and that seemed to help.  I only nurse one breast at a time.  Sometimes after I burp him he will still act hungry and I will offer the other side, but he is normally passed out or content after one side.  I think you are doing great!

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Thanks for the advice! I think I'm getting the hang of this, which is basically "baby does what baby wants when baby wants to".


I still haven't gotten the hang of burping. He spits up very rarely, so when do you know they need to be burped? He gets hiccups each time, though, is that because he hasn't been burped? 


Off to make a few more diapers...I really didn't think I'd need two diapers per feeding...boy was I wrong!

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Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

Thanks for the advice! I think I'm getting the hang of this, which is basically "baby does what baby wants when baby wants to".

Ain't that the truth lol.gif


Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

I still haven't gotten the hang of burping. He spits up very rarely, so when do you know they need to be burped? He gets hiccups each time, though, is that because he hasn't been burped? 


I feel like burping is something your kid can either do easily or not do at all (or at least not without much coaxing).  My DD1 had to be burped because she was formula fed, and had horrible gas from the bottle if I didn't.  And it was HARD to burp her.  I mean we tried different positions.  But we had to get it out or she'd have tummy troubles.  DD2 was exclusively breastfed, no bottles, and didn't need to be burped (no tummy troubles were caused) because she didn't really swallow any air.  I tried burping her but it was difficult.  Now DD3.. goodness.  She burps AT the boob sometimes.  It really only takes change in position to burp her.. but if she hasn't burped I do burp her because I'm worried about the spit up choking her at night (she spits up a lot.. not sure if it's my diet but it doesn't seem to cause her discomfort or anything).

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burping:  i find it so odd, but oh well.  ds1 - never burped him.  he never showed any discomfort but spit up ALL the time.  looking back maybe he just ate a lot.  ds2 - i try and burp him in the middle and at the end of each feeding.  Usually he'll pop off, i'll try and burp then put him back on.


sides:  i tend to use one breast per feed.  i want to make sure he gets plenty of hindmilk and he never empties a side so, i tend to lean towards block feeding.


diaper changes:  CD here too.  at night, unless he poos, i don't change him.  given, his last diaper change is when i go to bed which can be 12 or 3am.  i've started adding a pre-fold as a doubler.  cause he can saturate a fitted in a few hours.  thats at night though.  daytime i just change when wet/dirty, although i don't disturb the naps unless he's poopy.

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Burping - my DD never burped. Like, ever. Dexter needs to burp all the time. He will even burp while latched on. LOL If he doesn't burp after eating, he will spit up.


Dexter will nurse on one side for about 15-20 minutes. I will burp him and he will either fall asleep or start rooting around and at that point I will offer the other breast.


Oh and Dexter has started REAL smiling! I am SO IN LOVE. luxlove.gif

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Burping- jude gets really fussy and wont latch or will scream while rooting when he has to burp. That was really confusing at first! I cant seem to remember when you stop needing to burp them!
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library mo- last we heard you were having bloody show 3 days ago! dont leave us hangin!

silvermoonmama, you too!

hoping4just1more? almost two wks go you posted about no more energy to labor..
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So I just don't have the time to internet any more! I read while Hank feeds, but never get the chance to type anything. My facebook friends get the occasional picture or smartass status update, but it's rare.


So here are some updates. Hank is 3 weeks old as of last Saturday. Friday I fell down the stairs with him. Most. Horrific. Experience. Ever. 

I had him in my right arm in the football hold and my water jug in the left hand. It was 5:00 in the morning and DH was downstairs getting ready for work and I was still half asleep. Almost at the bottom, I stepped wrong and my heel slipped and I fell backwards. I "caught" myself with my elbows, my sacrum and my upper back. Hank slipped forward a little and his head fell backwards, but I was able to hold onto him. He got jarred pretty good, and cried for just a minute. I definitely got the worst of it. I bawled my eyes out and apologized to him over and over again even though he was clearly okay. I felt like the worst mom ever! Luckily, I didn't break anything although I'm still sore. Then, later that morning, I had to get his tongue clipped. It was a really hard decision for me because I was afraid it would hurt him and was traumatized by the idea. He was totally fine. It hardly even bled a single drop and he was mostly just annoyed with someone holding his mouth open. His latch is a million times better and now he sticks his tongue out of his mouth so I'm really glad I just got it done right away instead of waiting to see what happened with it.


Hank is quickly becoming Hank the Tank. He weighed two pounds more than his birth weight on Friday! Two different nurses made comments about how I must be producing heavy cream. 


AFM- My hematoma is totally healing up and I was feeling really good before the whole stair incident. I've taken a few little joy rides on my sport bike already and it made me really happy. I felt like I could be this new self who is Hank's mom without losing all of my old self in the process. I also figured out how to nurse in my homemade moby. I love it! It's so cool to be walking around, going about my day with Hank just nursing away. It was just the biggest accomplishment for me.


Pumping- I found I could still pump pretty well after Hank was done nursing. I haven't pumped very much - just enough to have some emergency stores in the fridge, but I figured it was better to get some good, rich hindmilk for my freezer. 


Acne- Hank has the WORST baby acne!! His skin is so sensitive! He just seems like he's covered in rashes and acne. I just try not to let it bother me. Some of it is heat rash and goes away after a little bit. But it always gets bright red after he nurses. His dad has insanely sensitive skin and it looks like Hank is the same way. :( 


Fussy at night - I've been dealing with this a lot for the last few days. Yesterday, I picked up some baby probiotics and have been really making sure I'm block feeding so that he's not getting too much foremilk. So far it seems like it's working!! I'll keep you posted just in case it's only a coincidence. I've been swaddling and trying some of the Happiest Baby techniques, too.


Awake time - I think Hank was awake for like six hours one night! It was rough. 


Diaper changes - I put my microfleece lined pocket diapers on Hank during the night and if I'm dead tired by the time he gets in some good blocks of sleep, I'll just leave him in them. Doesn't seem to be causing a problem. He had a bout of diaper rash while I was still using the prefolds, but I got that cleared up with a day of disposables and desitin and then just back in cloth with California Baby after that. It hasn't come back.


Ascher- I block feed. So just one boob for several feedings in a row. I don't really watch the clock, I just go by how my boobs feel. But I also produce a lot. When you're a rookie mom like me with nursing questions, call your local La Leche League leader. They're so awesome! I talked to someone about Hank's tongue-tie and she really helped me to make the right decision about it.


Burping - I try for a burp after every feed but sometimes don't get it. I can usually tell if he needs it by the noises he makes. Sometimes the gas bubble isn't ready to come up until a little bit later. Burping is so tricky! I seriously had the hardest time figuring it out and was so proud of myself the first time I got a burp out of Hank. He had a couple of times where I didn't burp him and he just puked everywhere! I was terrified. Poor guy.


WCM- So glad your numbers are high!! You must be eating right and taking care of yourself. That's great news!

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Oh, thank goodness for this thread. I am hating the world just about every night at 2-3am (and shamelessly handing the fussy baby off to my husband, because no). She'll wake up for other feedings and go back down right next to me with no problem, but for some reason that particular feeding just never goes that way. I don't talk to her, I don't turn on the light, I keep it as low-stimulus as possible, and.. nope. Lying down or kept upright for a while, she doesn't want to settle. Took her an hour and a half last night. I'm wondering if by that point her body just thinks it's slept enough and it should be awake time? If anybody has any answers on this one I'm all ears.

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hyde, i had one of those last night. we woke up around 12:30, nursed, burped. he was wide awake while i went downstairs and had a snack and wide awake when i came back to bed. we nursed and burped and nursed and rocked. he didn't really cry - he just made little fussy awake noises that kept me up when he wasn't eating. i don't know that i made it back to sleep until 4...

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Hyde - I also shamelessly hand off baby sometimes. blush.gif Sometimes nothing works. Other times, swaddling, nursing, white noise and jiggling will put him back to sleep at night. I go through my arsenal of baby sleeping techniques and if nothing works, I just go downstairs and watch netflix and dance around the living room like a zombie until he falls asleep on my chest.

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hyde, our hour is from 4:30-5:30 :) you're not alone!

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Our "hour" is 1 am until 4 or 5 am! It's rough and you are definitely not alone! We should log on and chat!
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Lucky you ladies have someone to pass off to!!! (; Just remember that! I've got my other arm to "pass off to". hahaha. 

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We had our 'hour' from 4:30 to 7:30 this morning. DD1 added to the fun by wetting the bed twice, and taking about 45 min to go back to sleep the 2nd time. Luckily we all slept in a bit so I'm not a total basketcase. I've found there's a huge correlation between my mood and how tired I am so on days like today I feel like I'm fighting to maintain any kind of equilibrium. Got to love those post partum hormones!
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Originally Posted by Jend1002 View Post

Our "hour" is 1 am until 4 or 5 am! It's rough and you are definitely not alone! We should log on and chat!


Hehehe.. convert the cervix-opening circle to a baby-eye-closing one? ;)

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finally get back here to say we have an Oct 1 son now...one day shy of 42 weeks. Big baby!!! almost 2 lbs larger than my first son and 3 lbs larger than my daughter. The home birth was a bit scarey (old meconium, huge decels, me on O2) but in 3 pushes he came out b/c he had to/sort of a mid-wife extraction. He pinked up super duper fast so I guess he was fibbing us. He seems perfect in every way. I didn't bleed a lot at first but then passed some grapefruit sized clots...that was not fun b/c it hurt like labor. But once that was out I was better. No name yet...ugh.
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