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I had a terrible sleeper with DD1 too and DD2 isn't "terrible" but for sure no dream baby sleeping 6 hrs a night. So you are not alone smile.gif. From 9-2 She wakes about twice to nurse then back to sleep. Then from diaper change around 2 to 5/6am it is touch and go. She's congested and grunty due to the reflux and very gassy so I probably only get 20-30 minutes of sleep at a time during that period. Then I give her to DS at 6 and I have a few glorious hours of sleep, I crawl into DD1s bed and sleep until I hear the baby screaming for milk from downstairs. It could be anywhere from 1-3 hours but I finally dream and drool and really sleep. I can't wait until this newborn sleep stage is over. Sleep deprivation is hard!

The K'tan: The choices are sizes S which is 6-8 and M which is 10-12. PP I was a size 8, I am sure I am not now. I am still 14 lbs above PPW (super depressed about that but nothing I can do except lose it) so I bought a M.
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Ps I'm in awe of all of you who have newborns who STTN, wear cloth diapers from the start and are back to PPW already! That's just not my reality it seems. This is all pretty similar to last time sonim not stressing much though...
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dmpkmom, congrats!


Miranda, vent away, and hang in there.. My MIL isn't even here yet but is already driving me nuts with e-mail comments about how the baby looks 100% like my husband (which isn't true, but still irks me) and 'helpful' suggestions like how we shouldn't play with the baby until she's 40 days old because it could be bad for her. Uhh..


gripe water/fussiness/gas- just tried this for the first time today, not sure how much it helped. I saw on another thread here that sodium bicarbonate is a bad thing if the baby has actual reflux, and I'm really not sure if she does or not.. she's fussy a lot since hitting two weeks (Worldshakerz, I swear she and Benji are twins!), has done some spitting up/vomiting here and there, and is sometimes a bit wheezy, but it's hard to know what's what. She's not upset when eating or losing her lunch, just when she tries so hard to get that fart out and it doesn't work. (I seriously almost cried the other day watching her go through this cycle of intense concentration and effort resulting only in frustration and discomfort.. felt so bad for her little self, still trying to work the body out.) Our last few nights have gone okay--knocking on wood here--but I hope, for her sake and mine, that we'll get back to more calm periods in the daytime soon.


clogged tear duct- we dealt with that this week as well. R. was not a fan of getting the breastmilk in the eye, but we combined it with diaper changes to get everything unpleasant done at once and it seems to have worked for the time being. I should probably give her some extra squirts to make sure it's all worked out.


diapers- we were all set up to CD a newborn, but the GMD newborn prefolds are still too big for her, so disposables it is. We're using the cloth wipes, at least, but I am looking forward to making the switch. In the meantime I don't know how many more of the preemie size to buy- don't want to go overboard, but I also don't want to have to send my husband to BRU a bunch of times. I guess we'll play it by ear and Freecycle or otherwise pass on whatever's extra. (Those BRU gift cards ended up coming in handy, at least!)


painful letdown- uh, YES. Also kind of random for me. Sometimes I'll feel nothing at all, and other times I get something that I guess could be considered a distant cousin of 'tingly', but, like.. that one cousin that doesn't come around much because he's usually in prison.


k'tan- I have one, but so far I'm not in love with it.. I'm pretty sure we're sized correctly, but she just doesn't seem to sit quite right and it's hard to find the sweet spot between too tight and too loose. (To be fair, I did read this as a common complaint before buying- regular washings seemed to be the go-to solution.) The ring sling has been a better bet for us so far.. hoping the k'tan kinks get worked out once she's a little bigger?


food- hello, carbs. The last month of the pregnancy we were pretty low-carb and basically gluten-free (part of me wonders if this switch is affecting the babe, actually), and I can make that kind of diet happen, but it takes work. Planning, regular grocery shopping, lots of cooking.. none of which I'm set up for right now. We've been having challah at breakfast pretty much every day and it is DELICIOUS.. not quite ready to kick that habit, but at least I'm about out of banana bread, which will knock my sugar intake down. At any rate I'm not overeating (haven't felt this ravenous hunger some BFing mothers report getting)- we'll get the balance back soon enough.


bathing- Rocío comes in the bathtub with me. Seeing her reaction the first time was the funniest thing- like she was in a trance. This week I tilted her head back into the water and gave her a little scalp massage, and she LOVED IT. I can totally relate- I only get my hair cut a couple times a year, but I wish it were more, if only for the experience of having someone else wash and massage my hair/head! 


Jen, a hug. Don't apologize for venting, that's what we're here for. Many things have gone smoothly over here, but with this gas/fussiness- it doesn't sound as serious as what you're dealing with, but I sympathize with you on trying to diagnose what's wrong (and then- what if nothing's "wrong" that's fixable with anything other than time? that's maddening, too). Will James sleep in a swing at all?


sleeping husbands- Now I forget who said they weren't waking up their partner because he's in finals.. whoever it was, you're a much sweeter wife than I. My husband has been slammed at work since returning from paternity leave, but my policy is still- his baby, his problem ("his" meaning "not just mine"). If I'm up several times a night for feedings after dealing with the baby all day by myself, he can do one diaper change or baby-settling shift. I don't want to break him down or anything, but I figure you kind of want the primary caretaker to preserve her sanity too, right?


AFM- It's in the 50s here this weekend! I love it. Fall is my absolute favorite. Never mind that it's going to bounce right back up into the 80s this week.. I really like this weekend.


Our only new development is that we borrowed a swing, which I think is going to be good for naps. R. will reliably nap in the morning, but not so much in the afternoons and I don't want her to be running on a sleep deficit. (I have to admit that I'm still not a pro at "parenting her to sleep".. we've been so focused on feeding that I have not really worked that one out yet. I try to keep her calm but she mostly sleeps whenever she decides to. I'm not sure that's the best way for us to go.. I need to start to learn her signals and what helps her sleep. It doesn't help that newborn sleep is just total anarchy.. I'm trying to figure out, at least, how to work her afternoon sleep so that she can fall asleep more easily at bedtime.) The drawback is that my husband's immediate inclination has been to want to use the swing for EVERYTHING, and I'm not trying to go there.


Alright, enough of this book! I need to go try to finish writing up the birth story. I asked my husband to write his version up before he finished his paternity leave, and he did it as a three-page letter to the baby- the sweetest thing ever. Totally blew me away, again. I thought I'd have more time this weekend since he's not at work, but--surprise!--we've still got a ton of stuff (including a newborn) to take care of, even when there are two of us here to take care of it.

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