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After spending the last two years eating paleo and all around better than I EVER have in my entire life, as well as working out more regularly than ever, I've struggled to actually lose the weight. While my body shape has changed and my conditioning has improved, I always hovered within the same 5-10lb range. Super frustrating and almost depressing! 


Well finally, this past Thursday my OB's office called to tell me that my blood work shows I have hypothyroidism. I have my first appt tomorrow and figure I will be put on medication. I don't know that I should expect to actually lose weight during the remainder of my pregnancy (I'm overweight so it couldn't hurt) but I hope to at least halt any weight gain. 


Has anyone here experienced this at all? Can you share your experience?


Also, if you had it during your pregnancy did it affect your child at all in the end?


Thanks in advance for reading and responding. 



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Turns out I do not have hypothyroidism but subclinical hypothyroidism -and- Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I am now rx'd 200mcg of synthroid a day.


I'm so grateful for the number of Paleo books I have that already have sections devoted to Auto Immune diseases and I intend to start following the AIPaleo plan ASAP.


Would love to hear from anyone else also following that. Thanks!

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Hang in there. I was diagnosed w/ Hashimotos(sp) and have managed to cure myself and am now auto-free! I'm still overweight too. Your body will adjust and heal if you just eat right (watch the grains as you probably already know).

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Thanks for the positive note! I'm looking forward to this journey of healing for sure. Since I'm pregnant I don't have high hopes of weight loss but hope to be able to at least maintain and then see what happens post partum. Knowing something was found it very encouraging for me since I felt like I was spinning the pedals with no motion for so long.

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Check out Carrie's story. She's the blogger at www.deliciouslyorganic.net and cured her hashimotos by going grain free (not low carb though) and lost like 25 pounds or something. There is hope for sure. When are you due? =)

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I am due mid-april. I will check her out thank you!

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Wow Tiff4ny, you have my story exactly, sans the pregnancy! I was like what the heck? I cannot lose any freaking weight and I have a LOT to lose. Dear daughter was HUNGRY in the womb and I gained about 50 pounds. This is coming from losing over 75 pounds a few years ago so returning to this big body again is, to say the least, depressing/frustrating. I lost the 75lbs with Weight Watchers, I tried again but this time, nothing happened. I just starved. Not smart while nursing (mind you, I didn't start till DD was like 14mo old), so I quit.


I decided I needed to see a doc based on advice to check my thyroid, she did bloodwork and yep, I have Hashimoto's. My TSH level wasn't in the right range (which is utter BS if you ask me, docs should prescribe based on symptoms, not lab work!) and they felt they should do nothing and "watch and see" while I continued to feel like garbage. It's been a rough year! But I am getting some positives from eating paleo/primal and love it, will never go back to grains. It's just a very hard lifestyle to maintain living with a soda-loving, fast-food eating husband. He seriously thinks sugar in soda is healthy in moderation. Um? O_o... Oh and not to mention my carb-loving family. We love our bread, cheese and wine. Yes, we do! But eating this way is so good for me, I know it, I feel it and am easily able to stick to it. I was just hoping for some weight loss too... no such luck so far.


Oh and congrats on the pregnancy!

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