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OMG BENA!! Über love!!
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Hi, Ladies. I have been too lazy to post, but have tried to lurk a little every night. We are having a girl! Very excited as this means we will have one of each now. I too am looking forward to dressing this one. One of my new to-do's is to look through all of ds's old clothes to see which things we'll try to consign/ toss and which things we can reuse. So far I've only bought some cute jammies and ds helped me pick out some girly socks.


Currently, I am in bed recovering from what I think is food poisoning. Yuck. Usually I love her little kicks, but after throwing up a dozen times all day, they don't feel so great. Glad to still be feeling them though.



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OMG YES!! That is exactly what I've been talking about! XD


*grins* Congrats, Clumsy! I think just brought us back to tied! ;)


Also, akind1, today is our big day, too! \o/

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thinking of you, akind1.  Can't wait to hear about the scan!!!

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Well, add one to the blue column! Glad my intuition was correct - love that my middle child will be the only girl (not that I don't love girls, but that gives her an added special-ness).


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Congrats to everyone!!!


Also, with having 3 boys already I would have to say that Target has the cutest and most affordable boy clothes.  I live in a somewhat rural area so I dont have the option of all the specialty stores, besides online.  But I do have to say that I am having so much fun shopping for a girl this time!energy.gif

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I have to laugh, because I just brought us back to tied. Put another one in the pink column.


I admit to being disappointed. I could have sworn this one was going to be a boy, and it's going to take some getting used to. Still, my daughter is over the moon. She's going to have a little sister!!

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