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I just know because I want to know so bad baby won't cooperate!
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I surprised my husband, today, by telling him that I want to know. XD

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Originally Posted by cabbitdancer View Post

I surprised my husband, today, by telling him that I want to know. XD

LOL!  Is he also wanting to find out?

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Ok so I showed our u/s to a midwife friend and she says "Hmm if I didn't know any better I'd say that's a cord..." What do y'all think? I looked closer and I think she's right! Grrr.




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I'm no good with the U/S pics but I do know it's more common for girls to be mistaken for boys than boys for girls. Hopefully someone else better with the pics can weigh in!
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Originally Posted by micah_mae_ View Post

Ok so I showed our u/s to a midwife friend and she says "Hmm if I didn't know any better I'd say that's a cord..." What do y'all think? I looked closer and I think she's right! Grrr.




I'm not that good, but I thought I'd attach our "girl" u/s for comparison. I think ours is pretty clearly girly parts:

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LOL I just had a talk with DH this morning about our ultrasound on Wednesday - he was asking me what my intuition was and I said I had no intuition, but there was a strong family tendency towards girls so I was going with that. (Of all the babies born in our families in the last 10 years, only 1 has been a boy, out of six or seven)  He asked me what my preference was and I said I was completely ambivalent - which I am, I really, really don't care - and he said he had a strong preference for a girl (because we already have one and he knows how to deal with girls. LOL. He is such an innocent...)  Anyway I said that maybe we should think about finding out the gender if he might need some time to adjust if we DO end up having a boy.  I don't want to, but I also don't want DH freaking out if a little boy emerges from me in 5 months!!!

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*grins at Granola* I think he's rather ambivalent. He's said he'd rather not be told, but he doesn't mind if he manages to figure it out from u/s pics. I asked my daughter, yesterday, if we had the u/s tech tell her, how would she react if it were a girl? She threw up her hands and said, "Yay!" So, I asked her how she'd react if they told her it was a boy. She threw her hands up and again said, "Yay!" LOL My daughter is awesome. XD

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Cabbitdancer - your daughter is awesome!  That's so cute!  DSD thinks it's a girl and so does my DD.  Not they want a girl, but that it is a girl.  And hey, DD told me I was pregnant weeks before I knew so maybe she's right.  I've got to admit - her insistence and DP's dreams are really starting to get my hopes up for a little girl!!!  DSS wants a boy and so does DP but DP and I will be happy regardless.  DD and I were talking about it yesterday before she left for her bio's (we'll have the scan the day before she comes back) and she kept telling me I needed to give her a sister and that baby was a girl.  She said, "No boys!"  I'm so anxious for the scan!!  Hmm, maybe you could ask the tech to put it in an envelope and give it to your DD to hold and then you and she could have a special mommy/daughter date to open it?  That way DH isn't 'told' and has the chance to figure it out but you and she get to know.

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GranolaMama - my DD is hoping for a boy.  Because, when you're 7, the most hilarious thing in the world is apparently dressing your little brother up in girl clothes.  Dunno if that possibility will appeal to your DD, but it's worth a try. 

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@ Micah_mae - Looks like boy parts to me but I am no expert!! I know you want a boy so I sure do hope the little one is, but from experience girls are a lot of fun. I have a son and a daughter and they are both a blast!


@Spughy and Granolamama09 aren't kids awesome!! I thought for sure I was having a boy and so we've be talking to our DD about it. She went to US with us and when we found out we were having a girl she got this total look of surprise on her face, and said, "mommy Nehemiah is a girl, well guess it will be my job to teach how to be a girl!!" She started to jump up and down saying, "I am going to have a little sister, I am going to have a little sister!" I fell in love with her even deeper!! I love my little ginger monster!

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I just found out we're having a boy. I know I'm just supposed to be happy to have a healthy baby (and of course I am!) But, honestly, I'm pretty disappoint. I really wanted a girl. And I was so sure it was a girl because my DS has been talking about how he's having a sister and the midwife said that the older siblings are usually right. :(


Oh well. I guess we'll just have to have another one some day. 

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Granola, I really like the idea of letting it be "her" secret, though, that she can tell when *she* wants to.


lol@spughy. That's awesome. My five year old insists that a little boy can't possibly want to wear little girl's clothes.


Argh. I can't wait another 2.5 weeks, let alone another 22.5! XD

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@SamiPolizzi - OMG I cried, I thought for sure I was having a boy, I mean I would have put money on it, but we are having a little girl. I am very happy now that it's had time to sink in, but I was disappointed.....then I felt guilty for feeling disappointed. This will be my last so I kinda only had one shot, but I totally get the being disappointed deal. hug2.gif

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Just found out we're having a boy!  He's already big for the week he's in (20 weeks) and I'm happy.  I wanted a girl and husband wanted a boy. 

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Girl for me! Hooray! Having grown up with 3 sisters and loving it, I'm so happy that my sweet girl gets a sister.

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I'm having a boy! Really surprised as my pregnancy has been so different that i was suspicious it was a girl, though I think I knew it deep down to be another boy.
..... and my DS said so too. Baby moved a lot for us, waving hands and stretching feet over his head, saw a v cute yawn too smile.gif
It will be great for both boys to have a brother, helpful with sharing clothes, toys, etc, but I'm a little sad to not be experiencing the girly world. I am over the moon though that everything looks good with baby and was awed to see my little one in detail. I found it all quite a bit to absorb, I was concerned there wouldnt even be a baby there at all! I had an early loss just 3 months before conceiving this little man and I guess I was scared to believe this time. As a mother, you never stop worrying anyway, my heart is like an open wound since I had a child.

My placenta is anterior upper, where I felt it was, so that confirms why I don't feel strong movements in that area. I have been feeling a lot of pelvic pressure so baby must prefer the lower half of my womb anyway smile.gif My bladder and cervix are being bounced on although my ribs are cushioned I guess.

Baby was also measuring big so the doctor adjusted my due date by 8 days, barely scraping into March now. My concern is the opinion that I will have 'gone over' at an earlier date, which will mean pressure from hospital and midwifes to induce. Ugh, I'd really like to avoid that this time around.
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SlimP - there was a concerted effort to change my due date too, due to the size of the baby at both the NT scan at 12-13 weeks and the 19-week scan, but I just said no, there's no way.  If you're very sure of your dates, I think you CAN object, or say something to the effect of "change all you want, but I'm not going to hear the word "induction" until I'm 2 weeks past the due date *I* think is right." Then have them tell you exactly how large your baby is - unless it's in the 100th percentile in every measurement, they're just being unreasonably nervous.  It's not like it's your first baby, second babies are generally bigger, and your bits have been there, done that.

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SlimP: Were you charting by chance when you conceived? I was charting for about 6 months prior to my daughter's conception and was able to calculate the exact date of ovulation. My cycle is longer than 28 days and by ovulation my due date was 6 days later than the LMP dating. A LMP account assumes a 28 day cycle. My doctor humored me and wrote down both due dates, but I made him add my temperature chart to his file because I was concerned about the same thing, an induction when it wasn't needed. At my appointment on the LMP due date, he brought up induction. I reminded him of the chart and he humored me, I think only because I was 40 weeks by his count at that point. Wouldn't you know it, she was born on the due date I came up with by my chart exactly 6 days later. :) 

This pregnancy was a surprise, so I have no chart to refer to. But, I did make a point of reminding the doctor that my cycles are longer than 28 days, which means ovulation would occur later. 

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Spughy, you are so right! I was actually very disappointed with myself that I didn't have wherewithall to fight my case.....I was quite spun out during it, it's pretty mind-blowing even if you've experienced an ultrasound before......and felt a bit down afterwards despite the happy occasion. I am now determined to insist on a date change at my next appointment. They can't haul me in for an induction unless I decide to go........last time they had me at the hospital already and scaremongered me into it.


Melany, I was actually charting for the previous 4 months and so I'm pretty sure of my ovulation date, which is later than 'average'. My cycles were irregular in that I was actively trying to increase the length of my luteal phase (which worked a treat). I had given them a false LMP date at my booking appt to avoid this scenario but my own gumption failed me yesterday and I let the 'authority' over-ride my intuition and precise charting. I am proud of myself for getting this far through my own intellect, instincts and experimentation. Now I've gotta follow through on what's best for baby and me.


Thanks for bolstering my confidence ladies xX

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