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Gender Guesses

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I'm feeling a very female vibe so far. Anyone else have a guess for their baby's gender yet?

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I'm feeling boy vibes!
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We have a son, so I'd love a girl this time around. I feel it's a boy, though. Time will tell!
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I feel like I am having a boy but I thought that with my DD too - sooooooo who knows! I would be happy with either though another girl would make it easier with clothes and such.... wink1.gif

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I'm having a girl vibe too! But if we had another boy I'd be completely prepared. I'd also be happy either way! We are planning on finding out at our U/S what about you guys? Finding out before or waiting until birth? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Mama4life14 View Post

We are planning on finding out at our U/S what about you guys? Finding out before or waiting until birth? smile.gif


I sort of want to wait to find out (as we have a son, I figure if it's a boy he's set and if it's a girl she can totally wear most of DS' clothes at least for a while, that's more my style than all pink anyway), but DH is anxious to find out.  If we get an US scan at ~20 weeks then we'll find out.  

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Well, I have 4 girls already and Im feeling girl vibes. We tried to time intercourse for a boy, using the Shettles method, but for some reason I'm not feeling boy. I think I'm setting myself up to believe his though. I had thought babies 2-4 were boys and they turned out to be girls. I think at this point I might not know what to do with a boy lol. I would like to have aeast one though.
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I've got boy vibes, but I've been wrong half the time.  Go figure!   

We have 2 boys and 2 girls in that order.  I have absolutely no preference.  I think we will NOT find out the gender even if we do an ultrasound. 

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I wish I had a vibe!  I'm just too nervous to get to the 10 week appointment safe and sound this time.  My husband thinks it's going to be a girl.  :)

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I think it's a boy. I want to pounce on DH every chance which is different from DD, who I thought was a boy for no reason. DH wants to find out for this baby since we didn't for DD.
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I'm leaning towards boy. I have been since the first positive test. No logical reason, just...smile.gif We will find out at the 20 week scan (my husband's family has a hereditary heart defect, so we will definately be having one).
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When I talk about the baby, I always want to say "he," though I honestly think it's just because almost everyone wants us to have a boy (since we have a girl already). "You've gotta experience both sexes because they're so different!" That may be, but honestly I'd be thrilled with either. And I'm not 100% sure yet, but I think I want to wait until the baby is born to find out. We are planning to have a home birth, so it would just add to the magic for me (especially after the miserable time at the hospital we had when DD was born).

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Hmmm, well, I don't have any 'vibes' of my own yet that make me feel like it is a distinct boy or girl energy.... but when I was in Bali in February, a medicine woman told me I was going to get pregnant in the the fall / early winter and it was going to be a boy. A month later I had a very vivid and realistic dream where I was back in Bali and a Balinese medicine man / god figure told me I would be having a boy, and that he would be a very challenging boy and try all my patience, and push me to my limits... but then would go on to be a great leader. THEN this summer my friend's 3 year old ran up to me out of nowhere, put his hand on my stomach and said "you're going to have a baby in your tummy soon", to which I said "oh really? Is it going to be a boy or a girl?" and he said "Boy". So we shall see!

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Wow, well I just had a really vivid dream about giving birth to a girl, so I guess I am getting the girl vibe.  And according to the Shettler(sp?) theory, the odds are in favor of a girl.  I think it would be so much fun to wait until the birth to see, but I just don't think I can.  Although depending on what happens with my MW choice, we may not get an ultrasound around the 20 week mark, so we may not find out.  But I really want to!

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Hmm, I really can't tell. We've got two boys so I'm thinking we might be working on the triad here lol. But b/c we have two boys pretty much everybody else is talking girl haha. We'll see!
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I can't decide either... my first pregnancy was pretty easy as far as MS, but the second I had MS really bad so I thought the second MUST be a girl, but it was another boy. My first pregnancy I was sick a lot with colds and such and I am starting this pregnancy with a bad cold...another boy? who knows. We have NO idea when I got pregnant, so we can't even go by the timing :( I would love a little girl, but I love baby boys so much that I really am pretty relaxed about it. I was a tad disappointed with the second, yet then reality kicked in and I was like phew, we have all boy stuff so this will work out well! Now we have NOTHING, oh we saved the high chair of all things, but everything will have to be purchased or passed down so I am open to either! 

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I think it will be a girl, but am very open to either. We are going to let it be a surprise because I couldn't stand not knowing last time. This time I think it would be fun to be surprised.


My DD thinks it is a boy and a girl. I haven't told her I am pregnant, but we have been talking about how mommy and daddy are inviting a baby into our lives and it is up to G-d to decide id we can get one. luxlove.gif

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I just knew right away with DD that she was a female. I always referred to her with female pronouns before I was even aware of it.


This time all of us are leaning towards boy, and we even have a slightly eccentric neighbor who knows that we have been trying who told us that this one is going to be a boy. Aldo DD is already talking about "Baby Brother" and all of the things that she is going to share with him. So I hope everyone is right! I'll be happy with either, really, I just hope that the baby is healthy.

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I am going back and forth about what type of vibe I am feeling, but I know for sure I will be finding out when we have our u/s. I didn't find out with my first, and it was agonizing for me! Plus, I was wrong. (thought it was a girl and turned out to be a boy!) So with our second, we did find out, and I was more at ease knowing.

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female vibe definitly

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