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Wow, HoP, you look great!  I'm hoping this is my preview, LOL (okay, you're like 20+ lbs lighter than me under any circumstance, but close enough).  I am in a Freya (British) 34G at this point, but that's actually 2 cup sizes larger than a Wacoal/American 34G.  I'd say yikes, but I know lots of women who have much larger boobs and totally pull it off!

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Wow, you ladies look great!! I'll try to take a pic soon. I gained 50 lbs this pregnancy, which I'm fine with, but it'll take my tummy awhile to go down with or without binding :). Speaking of boobs I was hoping mine wouldn't get so big this time around because they didn't get quite as big as usual during pregnancy but I measured myself last night and I'm a 34 G or a 32 H (right on the border). Ugh. I bought two nursing bras online last night and I hope that they fit!! I currently just have one left over from other PP times and it's pretty gross with spit-up and what not but I'm scared to take it off.

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i hope you find some that fit!  i'm wearing a 34H right now that is smaller than my Wacoal 34G's- they're larger than most american G's which is why i converted them to nursing bras- they fit in my last boy pregnancy but my boobs never got that large again except for when nursing.  they're the only underwires that are big enough not to pinch.  but nothing really fits well no matter how you do it... that's one reason i hate being this size.  


i took some pics w/ the squeem and will take some of my belly now, but i think i stopped going down for a while.  i gained 50lbs- up to 180 from 130 and already almost down to 150.  the breastfeeding helps- but i also keep a little extra padding on while breastfeeding so probably will stabilize around 145 for a few months.  which is normal and good, and i have my wardrobe for being fatter already set up!

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1 Week pp exactly today, used the belly binder for a total of maybe 8 hours. I have a feeling that I'm not going to be very consistent about using it because I honestly don't love it. I can't wait to be able to go out for a run again, though!

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Guys, a miracle happened today. I can see my crotch. thumb.gif


I've started putting on the wrap lying down on the bed and am able to get it a lot tighter. I think I was wearing it too loose before. Still can't fit into the nicer one I bought but probably will soon. The wrap I have now is almost too small so I might have to do that velcro trick. Which I'll ask my mom to do. I am not one for sewing machines!

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i had a similar joyful discovery!  followed by a less joyful reaction!  my belly is not flopping over and is just cushy now.  that's another thing to rejoice in.

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Here I am at 3 weeks and 1 day.  Think it is about the same as last week.  I think it has done as much as it can until I start exercising. 



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^^ lookin' good!


So I've now been able to fit into the Leonisa and it's already too big! It rides up like crazy, too. I'm thinking of ordering the next size down but am worried it will ride up, too. So I feel a little stuck. I still want the support of a binder!

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I'm not really loving the belly bandit either. Do you ladies wear it when sitting/ nursing too? It bugs me around my ribs like its not tight enough at the top.
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just got the belly bandit less than a week ago and it fits terribly.  it folds up in the back and leaves love handles hanging out below and doesn't feel good if i'm sitting up/down.


i am actually strongly biased towards the squeem now- i'm on the smaller setting of hooks, and i did have to take out some boning that bent and was poking me and rebend it and sew it back in.... but it feels more supportive and fits better than the belly bandit (which was a gift) but the BB is not good for curvy shapes.  to loose in the waist and folds.  i actually have decided to try wearing it at night when i'm laying down more and not during the day when i'm contorted into various positions all day.  we'll see how that works!

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I still havent been able to wear my belly bandit, it rides up on me and digs into my boobs. i've lost 26 pounds so far, but i gained about 50 so still feeling frumpy/rolly/blah.
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I still havent been able to wear my belly bandit, it rides up on me and digs into my boobs. i've lost 26 pounds so far, but i gained about 50 so still feeling frumpy/rolly/blah.



i gained 50 and am down 30.  i feel you!!!

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Yeah it rides up into my boobs too. Sigh!

I gained 50+ lbs too, but haven't weighed myself yet. Might do it tomorrow at the midwife appt. the guts falling out feeling is going away but there is still definitely a floppy tummy going on.
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I keep mine pulled way down over my hips, that way it is not up to my breasts.

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I used my binder a lot in the first week but haven't since then. It was great and helped my stomach a lot, but I got tired of feeling so restricted. I'm the type that likes to feel "free" so the binder was tough for me. I am also hating that I have to wear a bra all the time. I gained around 35 and have lost 25 and have 30ish more to lose to get back to my normal, ideal weight (I started Lydia's pregnancy about 20 lbs above my normal weight). I also feel really fat and frumpy, I'm so looking forward to getting back to my normal self.

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This is such a cool thread! Your bellies are so beautiful!


I'm admitting failure at wrapping. Ha. I have a really cool wrap - handmade, hand-me-down - that I've used (or tried to use) about three times. It's not stretchy, and so very bulky that it's uncomfortable to sit in or wear clothes under/over. I think I've had more "success" in stomach compression in my experiences wearing the Moby - I'll usually pull the pieces off of my shoulders and wear it like an inner tube around my waist until she's ready to ride again, so I get some squishing action there.


I'll admit (reluctantly) that I only gained 10-15 lbs during pregnancy, lost it all the day of delivery, and lost another 5 lbs by the next morning. So my tummy's back to the same sort of shape it was before pregnancy, but definitely softer. I guess I should make another attempt with the belly wrap, just to remind my organs where they should go.

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I just ordered a Squeem to see if I like it better, in a size down from the Leonisa I have.

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I just ordered a Squeem to see if I like it better, in a size down from the Leonisa I have.

that's the exact one i have.  i'm not in love, but i keep wearing the thing!  and my hubby has commenting on how quickly i'm recovering.  i haven't lost a whole lot of weight (i'm just below 150lbs at 3 1/2 weeks pp), but having my waist back down to 30 and having the tummy flab dramatically reduced makes him think i'm much smaller!!!  which is good- i often stay a bit higher- like 140-145 during my early breastfeeding months, even though i get back in shape pretty quickly.  i need a little extra to keep my insane supply up!  i will definitely get another smaller one when this one is too big.  


how did your bra purchases turn out?  i have 3 bras that fit, NONE of them nursing bras.  go figure.  none of my nursing bra purchases have ever turned out too well, and even the ones that fit look TERRIBLE under clothes, so these 3 bras that are from my very first pregnancy and i've just hung on to for dear life, have been lifesavers.

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Holy cow this Squeem is tight! I've only been wearing it for a few hours and don't think I'll be able to sleep in it tonight. I guess it's doing its job though. I do like that because my waist is smaller I don't have to wear my maternity clothes. I'm really sick of those things!


Only one bra worked out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000YRL8N2/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The picture is a little deceiving though-- in my size (small ++) it looks more like a full coverage sports bra and doesn't have triangle shaped cups. I'm fine with it and intended it to be a sleep bra anyway, but now I'm wearing it all the time :(. There's a lingerie shop here that does custom fits for nursing bras and as soon as I get a spare moment I'm going to get fitted and treat myself to a couple of bras! I don't think ordering online works for me even though I've measured myself.

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it is tight!  i started w/ 2 hours, then 4, and then up to 8 and sleeping.  i love taking it off, but then find i like having it back on too.  and it only took about a week before i shifted to the smaller hooks.  and you're supposed to do it for a month, so it will be tight for a while.  i liked that it will work for a good stretch, whereas the BB doesn't fit at all anymore and i just got it.  and i am loving wearing real clothes.


thanks for the link.  i think i'm crazy sometimes having so much trouble finding bras that fit, but it's good to hear that maybe it's not just me but actually it is hard to find them!!!

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