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This is me

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hi, I'm Sam, i just turned 28 this month and newly married 3 months ago, after child abuse, foster care and weight problems stemming form the pill injection, i stopped all contraception about 7 years ago, i have failed to get pregnant, me and my husband have been together for 10 years in may, and these past couple of years starting to lose hope in starting a family. the doctors told me i had to lose weight be fore they would consider helping me, fair enough, i was almost 20 stone, but the help i was offered was Weight Watches. i did lose 5 stone, but the food they promoted was full of nasty chemicals damaging my health, the food that were safe where making me put weight on, so i gave up on weight waters to eat healthy food, and ended up putting over 3 stone back on. now having increasingly painful period, doctors are telling me i may have endometriosis, which i know a friend who has it, and know what she has been through with it. I'm very scared, i so desperately want a family and to be at a healthy weight too without compromising on my general health.


so this is me. id love to make some new friends and find some helpful advice too. thank you for reading x

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Hi crazy cat lady and welcome! Glad to have you join our community. If you'd like some weight loss support you might try joining our Health Weightloss Challenge over in the Fitness and Weight Management forum. It's an eight week support group and you can do as many eight week runs with them as you wish. Great group!

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