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TT - maybe some plants, a lamp seems sort of out of place in my room.  There really aren't any little "tables" to put it on.  The curtains turned out great. I can't wait to hang them tomorrow.  Once they are hung, I will take a photo.


dakipode, sounds like you have been having fun making food.  I want to try some new recipes soon to break the monotony of food at my house.


AFM, my temp jumped up a serious bit this morning and if the temp is as high tomorrow, I think I will have ovulated yesterday.  The start of the TWW begins hopefully today.

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First hcg beta is this afternoon - results tomorrow. I'm so excited and terrified.

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Congratulations tickletoes!! joy.gifdust.gifWishing you all the best and major sticky vibes!!!!


Good thoughts to everyone else, too!

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TickleToes Hooray! I wish you all the best! Definitely keep us posted.

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TT, wooo! I'll be thinking of you :)

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JustJenny, hoping things turn out OK for you. It's good to hear that you were able to get results from cutting out gluten. I am bracing myself to start on the diet this week.


Lilac, no testing yet. I honestly think this has a lot to do with how often we get together. It's almost always one time a week, and if I try to get Mr. Viddy to step it up he just can't get it done. With one time a week it is going to take some time...  I am going to wait till 1 year after my pregnancy before getting tests done-- so, next April.

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Yeah, Tickletoes!  Yeah! Now this is an October Treat! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Let me know when you want me to move you to graduates!  I am so excited for you!  I am praying that this little one will grow to be a beautiful little baby for you to hold.


TeamViddy, I can understand that the once a week BD session won't lead to much in the way of often enough BD to catch an egg on any given month. Any thought about trying an IUI with your DH's sperm so you can actually time when the sperm would meet an egg?  Since you know that both his sperm and your egg have made a baby once before, you do have that going for you.  Each new month is a fresh try at catching an egg on the day day your DH's in the mood.

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Thanks, everyone!


I think I'll wait a while to be added to graduates... my track record with keeping pregnancies beyond six weeks hasn't been good. So, I'll wait until I've seen a heartbeat and have a bunch of reassurance from the doc. Yesterday, I was so excited. Today, I woke up early terrified that things would go wrong. Now I'm back to feeling optimistic. I think my emotions are going to ping pong like this for a while.


One thing that is really encouraging is that I took another test this morning and it was darker than yesterday. Another is that my first beta results came back... 146.8 - which is the highest number I've EVER had. And I almost threw up today. Not that I want to... getting sick is the worst feeling in the world to me... but I would welcome it as a sign that things are going well.

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Congrats TickleToes! Very exciting, although I understand being cautious. Please keep us updated!

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Just had to pop in and say CONGRATS, TT!!!! I am sending tons of good wishes your way that this TickleBean will STICK! Your beta number is beautiful. i loved our fertility clinic and they really reassured me. I understand being cautious and the roller coaster of emotions. I can still go there easily in my mind. Someone told me that the work of pregnancy is worry. It's true. Even at 31 weeks now, I still worry! Keep posting so we can stay updated on your progress!!
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Thanks, Cville!


Pitch, my friend! I like hearing that my beta number is beautiful... that is reassuring. Can you say it again? orngbiggrin.gif I also wanted to give you a very belated congratulations - when I took a break, I thought of you often and hoped that you'd get your rainbow baby. Yay! joy.gif

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TT, I totally understand.  Seeing the heartbeat I would think would give you all sorts of reassurances.  I am praying that your little one sticks around for the long haul. 


AFM, fertility friend gave me the cross hairs today so officially into the TWW.  It has gotten cold here in Michigan and it has been very windy.  Need to get out and clean the gutters since DH is afraid of heights.

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Good news! My betas doubled from 146 to 314!!! joy.gif they are goofing to do another on Monday for my peace of mind. This isn't the furthest I've gotten in pregnancy, but it is the healthiest I've been at this point. I'm feeling optimistic about this one.

Not writing much - my computer died and writing a lot from my iPad is a pain.

Anyone also in the infertility group? - would you mind updating the infertility group for me?
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TickleToes, great news! I'm glad you're doing well and feeling optimistic! I wish you nothing but the best in this pregnancy!


Lilac, how are you holding up in your TWW?

As far as the food thing goes: I signed up for this meal planning service and I love it. No more stress about what to eat, we just pick a couple of things from the menu for the week and commit to making those on specific days so DH knows not to have chinese for lunch if that's what we're having for dinner... It also is forcing me to expand my repertoire, like with the crock pot. We're making lots of dishes I never would have thought of myself.


AFM: I'm in early in the first week of TWW but I'm totally symptom spotting. I keep telling myself: none of these symptoms mean anything because you have no point of reference, i.e. I've never been pregnant so I don't know that any of the things I'm experiencing are any indication of pregnancy... Trying to stay busy and distracting myself with NaNoWriMo. Beingmommy told me about it in the Sane TTC thread and I thought: why not, it'll get me through TWW.

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TT!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO thrilled for you, especially that things are looking and feeling healthy at this point. Betas are looking good, I am hoping this speeds by for you so you can get to a confident place. energy.gifLots of love from your old pal Boots heartbeat.gif

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TT that is great!  I hope your beta is even higher on Monday!  I will check out the infertility thread and pass the news, if you haven't already.


dakipode, nothing special so far this TWW.  I will just have to wait and see.


AFM, going to a Guidance Counselor state meeting tomorrow and Monday.  Looking forward to the professional development.

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Tickletoes, I posted on the Infertility One thread for you.  Hopefully you get your computer working again.


I started the new November thread


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hi! I'm new here. I'm 32 and have been actively trying to conceive since October 2012. I had a miscarriage at six weeks in June 2012 and waited a few cycles to start trying again. Prior to that we were "letting things happen" (or not happen, as the case was) for over a year. I think I had a lot of ambivalence about getting pregnant. I'm in a doctoral program and there have been constant pressures related to that. Also, my husband was working various part-time jobs and we had opposite schedules, which was not really conducive to strengthening our marriage or making babies. Thankfully, those pressures have eased somewhat now that I am in the dissertation stage and my husband has a regular full-time job with a normal schedule. Getting pregnant and then miscarrying brought with it a lot of lessons. I realized, after being so happy to be pregnant and so devastated to lose the pregnancy, how much I really wanted to have a family and be a mother. I also felt that perhaps the pregnancy loss was carrying a message.


I know the doctors all say that it is nothing to be concerned about and that plenty of women go on to have healthy pregnancies after a miscarriage--but intuitively I felt that for whatever reason my body was not ready. So, I reached out to a friend of mine who had told me over a year ago about a sobadora who was a very helpful for woman wanting to get pregnant. Interestingly, my friend was just about to tell me that the sobadora was no longer coming much to LA (evidently she was having some trouble with crossing over from Mexico), but the very same day I reached out for the referral, she received and email from the sobadora stating she would be in LA soon and was accepting new clients. Serendipity!


The first time I saw Rita, the sobadora, I did not know what to expect. Within seconds of seeing me she noted that I had scoliosis. I was quite surprised since I was fully dressed and no one had ever noticed this just by looking at me. That first visit she spent most of the session working on my spine. She told me that my uterus was not in the right position, and that because of that old blood would get trapped, making it hard for the pregnancy to stay. She also soothed me tremendously, with her caring words and touch, and told me not to be sad, telling me that the spirit of my lost son did not want me to be sad. I was comforted when she told me that, though I miscarried, I was fortunate to have gotten pregnant at all, even if it was brief like a falling star. 


Initially I was able to see Rita once a month, and I found that my periods were improving. Over the last few years my periods have been getting farther apart (35 or more days), and my cramping has become more severe. I didn't see Rita for about two months, and suffered a terrible period on Thanksgiving, with truly dreadful cramps that could not be helped with the usual Ibuprofen and heating pad. Fortunately, I was able to see Rita again last weekend and she assured me my uterus is now in a good position. However, given the horrible cramps I've been having and brown (old) blood, she recommended that I take herbs to cleanse the womb.


At this point I am focusing on trying to make some dietary changes. I'm cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, meat, and dairy. Sugar is that hardest for me. I am trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. I have a consultation with a woman in town who practices Mayan abdominal massage and provides dietary recommendations and herbal tinctures to women trying to conceive. I hope that I can improve my health and well-being so that the next time I become pregnant it is a happy and healthy experience. 





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