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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Meanwhile, she's 100% rude and entitled at home lately.

I think some of this might be just the developmental burp around 10. We see it too. Oh my.

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... doesnt bode well for my 4 year old (if you remember: "I said I wanted milk, DUH") as a ten year old run.gif
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Oy, rude children!  I never miss an opportunity to suggest an alternate script if a kid asks for something in a rude manner.  Nic, I'd definitely explain how totally unlikely his approach is to succeed in the future (and present).  Have you asked any colleagues about if this is just him or if he's been groomed to act like a jerk?  It might be interesting to know how long this has been going on.


Sparkle - So much for the prof crush, just don't let him invade your peace at the gym!

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well, since I'm not at the gym much these days disappointed.gif

2 papers down, 4 to go ....
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Mel, sorry about the kitty. I hope he passes peacefully.


Nic, thank you for setting the teens straight about tone and entitlement. I'd want it done for my kids and for society in general.


Write, sparkle, write!!


I spend all day providing kinder, more polite scripts to my three year old. While I don't have DUH happening (yet!), there are a lot of rude demands. And reminders. And more reminders.


I may have made a lovely social faux pas today, too. Our local natural foods store (and only real grocery store in the village- the other option is a convenience store with a couple small food aisles or driving into town) was featured in an online documentary series about "mompreneurs". This link was shared on Facebook by the community events newsletter, and I added my congratulations and a rant about the inherent patriarchal implications of the term "mompreneur" and all of its underlying assumptions. Fast forward an couple hours and I decide the afternoon needs some coconut butter and seed garlic and as we park bikes by the side of the store I see the owner sitting at her desk reading Facebook. I went with the "pretend normal and say nothing" strategy while shopping today. I don't think I was rude, but I was a bit ranty. My morning had involved five phone calls to my health insurance and two calls to the pharmacy to get the drug coverage working for my daughter's asthma, so the frustration level was high. On a positive note, I love my pharmacist. I've known him since my teens and he always goes above and beyond with customer service. Over the weekend he just gave me the meds we needed for free until we figured out insurance, and today said to drop by the store with the money owned "when you get the chance".


RR- I've committed to daily circuit/strength training this week. Doing bodyrock videos. Run tomorrow if everything goes smoothly with the restoration folks doing post-flood work. 



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Mel38 ~ I am so sorry your kitty is nearing the end of his life.  It is always so difficult to watch a beloved pet in decline hug2.gif.


Nic ~ you've gotten some great advice from Geo, kerc, and the other seasoned teachers/professors/instructor Dingoes.  The nerve of some kids.... sheesh!


bec ~ Congratulations on the job promotion!  You work really hard and totally deserve it.


MelW ~ I wouldn't consider that a faux pas.  You were just voicing your opinion.  Nothing wrong about that. And incidentally, I agree with you. "Mompreneurs" ~ please eyesroll.gif.


sparkle ~ keep on writing, mama.


Real ~ about $3,581 of the 9,100 in current taxes go to the school district.  Our district is just for K-8 though. There is another district for the two high schools that gets $2,529 in taxes so approximately $6,000 of our property tax goes to the two school districts that make up K-12.  I think they should combine the districts into one and lay off the jerky superintendant. Hey, look, I just saved the district $200,000 by doing that!  The remaining $3,000 goes to the county, the city, the roads, the parks, etc. I am amazed by the shortfall in your district!  You must have a very large district.  Ours is really just 2 middle schools and 5 elementary schools.


RR ~ PT this morning and an additional diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis from the pain management doctor.  And a steriod injection into said bursa.  I treated myself to a delcious gluten-free cupcake afterwards from the new cupcake and coffee joint in our town.  Yummsters!


NRR ~ The weekend was very busy, but fun.  DS played 5 soccer games in less than 36 hours.  Exhaustion set in by the 4th game and they did not advance to the finals for the tournament.  The last game on Sunday morning was ugly, to say the least.  Their coach found the team's limit, I think.  I took DD1 and DD2 to a Halloween party at the riding stables on Saturday night complete with hayrides, a bonfire and lots of delcious food.  All the horses were in their stalls for petting and DD2 spent the entire night getting hay from the barn to feed to the pygmy goats.  And when she got home, she asked DH if she could have a goat for Christmas!  I am with her orngbiggrin.gif.


No run today due to the injection, but the PM doc wants me to keep running, so tomorrow I am headed back to the Y for a jog/walk and weights along with my daily PT exercises.  I WILL beat this!

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Originally Posted by MelW View Post
Plady, lots of checkmarks on that list for us. :( I'm so sorry about the hip and hope you can find peace with sugar/hip/pain/love. My acupuncturist would say they're all intimately connected- physical manifestations of other issues. Which is both helpful and very unhelpful, I suspect. (I'd just like a quick physical fix, most days).


NRR- Cough is fading, though we seem to be doing cycling family colds. My youngest is snotty now. My oldest is doing the young writers program for NaNoWriMo and we just started some of the prep lessons this week. It's fun- she's been working on a novel since the summer and it seems to be the boost she's been looking for.



Hope you are all over the colds by now, I think dd1 just came home with the first of the season for us. On holistic health, Yes, I've got some nagging yet unintelligible voice somewhere in the background talking to me about body-mind-emotion stuff.  I also have a long and fairly depressing letter to dh tucked away in my computer waiting for the right time to get to work again.  I don't know what I think might happen if I start this ball rolling again, could I just please not have pain in my hips and think about the 'other' stuff another time? redface.gif


Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
MelW ~ I wouldn't consider that a faux pas.  You were just voicing your opinion.  Nothing wrong about that. And incidentally, I agree with you. "Mompreneurs" ~ please eyesroll.gif.



Seriously, 'mompreneurs'?  Is there no end to the patronizing?  If we must go that route can we at least agree to be vagpreneurs?  I mean, it's some sort of perversion of nature for any woman to open a business, not just a mom right?  So let's make sure we all take note!


Nic - Meant to add, kudos for you for even finding any point in that kid's email.  I'm sure I'd have been blinded by indignation.


Mel38 - How's your kitty?  I think it's sweet that he's still going about his nap schedule, and nice of you to be letting him go quietly when the time comes.


JayGee - Those poor kids!  They must have been fried!


Speaking of fried, my little one is too.  I let her take a 40 minute nap when she came home from school this afternoon but it wasn't quite the right amount because then she had a total meltdown at dinner, just too tired to try the salmon.  I finally relented and sent her off to decompress with celery and cream cheese but now it's time to round her up for an evening rehearsal.  I hope she's recovered enough to hang in there.

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Geo, you ran the half and kept up your schedule as a prof and a parent. I don;t see a lack of training. Perhaps not where you wanted to be and yet so good to be doing it.

The closest I get to holistic health is blaming my weight gain on stress. To say I have issues to work through might be minimizing things. I'd be happy to arrive at acceptance.

RR: 5 miles at 9:10 My old goal was to stay half ready and by ready I mean sub 2. So not there.
A very close friend was to visit today and for the half marathon in January. She didn't come to CA this week because her mom is terminally ill. They have stopped treating her mother's brain cancer and are presumably setting up for hospice. It breaks my heart for so many reasons. In discussing it with dh I realized that she will probably only come out in January if her mom has already passed away. mecry.gif:gloomy
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jaygee~real's school district is the one that I used to work for, and it has 19 high schools, not counting charter and vocational schools. I have no idea how many middle and elementary schools that equals, but it is a BIG district.

mel38~I'm sorry about your kitty. greensad.gif

geo~WTG on the half! Sometimes a race just doesn't go the way that you had originally hoped, y'know? Case in point, my NYC marathon...

Speaking of which, I have decided that I have a new goal for NYC. Beat Al Roker. Which, given that he ran it in 7-ish hours, I should be good. orngbiggrin.gif Goal #2, beat Meredith Viera's time, which was 5:59. I should be good for that one, too.

Halfway through my last night of work, and not to jinx myself, but it has been significantly better. In fact, I only have two couplets tonight. Whew. My parents arrive tomorrow for the weekend, so that will be nice. Except that I will only get about two hours of sleep tomorrow since I have a dentist appointment at 10:30 to get my invisilign and then a hair appt for cut and color. I may very well fall asleep in the chair...
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Seriously, 'mompreneurs'?  Is there no end to the patronizing?  If we must go that route can we at least agree to be vagpreneurs? 

spitdrink.gif   I need to re-do my business cards, stat!!


So, Plady, the letter to your dh, is that like to get the hidden, stress-producing issues out into the open? I hope that you can find the absolutely right time to do it. And that your dh is really nice about it. Is your hip still giving you grief?


Gaye - of course you can beat Al and Meredith! You will do great - you always do! Let's just hope that your work schedule slows down a bit so you can get some quality sleep.


Mommajb - so sorry to hear that your friend can't come and about her mom. That's terrible.


Mel, I applaud your commitment to the bodyrock and circuit training stuff.


JG and Real - you guys are so on the ball with your school districts. Those numbers just boggle my mind, and then all the politicking that goes on regarding public schools. greensad.gif So counter-productive.


Thanks for the kind words about kitty. He finally passed mid-day yesterday, after really hanging in there since the weekend. I thought the extra time with him was really nice, but toward the end, I think he wasn't really conscious any more. I did get to have lots of time to say good-bye and tell him what a great kitty he has been. This is him back in 1995 when we first adopted him and his sister from a farm:


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candle.gif RIP sweet little kitty.


Mommajb - hug2.gif That sucks, for your friend and potentially for you.  I'm thinking about making a trip down to your neck of the woods in Feb.  The girls have a school break and we've got lots of family and friends that I haven't been able to see down there in ages.  If it develops as I'm imagining I think a dingo meetup could be a nice highlight for me.  You game?


Gaye - Yeah, you'll smoke those talking heads.  No worries, but I love the goals, that'll keep you honest.


Mel38 - Yeah, letter to dh is sort of a let's-talk-about-the-elephant-in-the-room.  So obvious, so unaddressed. 

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vagpreneaurs ROTFLMAO.gif holistic health = stress = weight gain biglaugh.gif I needed those. I feel like my brain is bleeding!

Mel38 - candle.gif RIP kitty

mamajb - greensad.gif I'm sorry for your friend's loss and your vicarious mourning

RR: still eyesroll.gif study stress and exercise sadly are not friends

NRR: re: underlying mind-body stuff. I am having this curious mid-life catharsis that I think is hormonal, and yet it so correlates with my life-long pattern of mood/behavior/response to stress/self-care in that it's moving it in a positive direction, without my having actively tried to make changes, that its really interesting. I find that I am experiencing something VERY similar to what the author desribed in that article "The Bitch is Back" that I posted here awhile back. She connects a return to self- interest, and an impatience with the demands of others on hormone changes, and maybe that's what's happening, but my patience is minimal, and my expectations of my family are much higher, and my demands for myself are much higher ... and I feel like I'm returning to the self I was when I was single and childless, and it feels really exhilarating. And I also happen to be feeling pretty strong (for nearing 43) and healthy and just good. Hmm. Plady, it may not have to do directly with dh, but with the pattern in you that allowed the dynamic between you and dh to get established. ykwim? Do you need to reclaim your inner bitch? Just wait (how old are you?), it's coming lol.gif

ok, now back to the regularly scheduled program .....
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

 Do you need to reclaim your inner bitch?

uh, well no. apparently I'm already in touch with her.

<giant blow up with spouse. in a productive, non-yelling way.>

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Mel. grouphug.gif

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

uh, well no. apparently I'm already in touch with her.

biglaugh.gif "in a productive non-yelling way" is a far cry from bitchy

how about the "serious discussion" dh and I had last week where I aired some of my grievances and he said "F-bomb you" about one of them? Or the time last month when the reverse happened lol.gifbag.gif
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I'm 33. If I have a decade before I'm allowed to get in touch with my inner bitch, there might be trouble. Truly, I think that my current super-woman juggling way more than her share of the load at with home/work/kids with a smile the whole time is really not an effective use of my so-called-power. Fingers crossed that I can find a productive, non-yelling way of getting better balance. That's what my mompreneur/vagpreneur rant was about, but I think folks thought I was being negative when I should turn my frown upside down and look on the sunny side of life. I'm generally an optimist, but sometimes turning overly to the world of positive thinking and manifesting our destinies takes us away from the task of fighting the power.


Today I fought the power by sacrificing sleep to get up post-night shift and pull my littlest out of preschool early to go to an anti-oil pipeline rally. Perhaps not the best strategy for fighting a cold, but today was a day for other fights :)


RR- 5k yesterday. Despite all of my emotional turmoil my hip is holding out okay with my current short runs. More bodyrock tonight :)


Mel,  candle.gif for your kitty.


Mommajb, sorry about your friend's mom.


tjsmama, I love your marathon goals thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

biglaugh.gif "in a productive non-yelling way" is a far cry from bitchy
how about the "serious discussion" dh and I had last week where I aired some of my grievances and he said "F-bomb you" about one of them? Or the time last month when the reverse happened lol.gifbag.gif

I'm much more likely to be the one dropping the f bomb during serious 'discussions'.  I'm sure dh and I would both agree that I'm well acquainted with my inner bitch.  And so is he.  No, sadly my elephant has more to do with the realm of x-training.  Actions speaking louder than words, or the lack thereof. crap.gif

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Plady grouphug.gif

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Mel38 - I am so sorry to hear about your cat. He looks like he was a real sweetie.

I have an inner bitch somewhere, but she hasn't been out recently!

Anyone else watch Call the Midwife on PBS? I rarely watch TV, but I love this show.

RR- 3 miles with some trail, all relatively pain free. Amazing what a shot of cortisone can do. Or maybe it is still the lidocaine? Anyway, I'll take it!
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JayGee--yay for a pain-free run. That's awesome. Our district has 154 schools and about 85,000 students. We're the largest school district in Colorado.

Mel38--so sorry about your cat. greensad.gif

Plady--I also drop the f-bomb during arguments. Still working on that, though I think more sleep might help in my case.

Go superwoman MelW! Fight the power!

goodvibes.gif and more to everyone.

RR: 4 on the TM today.

NRR: The school fun continues here. Most recently, one of our board members was on some right-wing talk show and actually had the audacity to agree with a statement that she should be shot (she agreed twice!!!!)--and now she's claiming she didn't really hear what the host said because she was on the phone. I've heard the exchange, and there's no way she didn't hear him emphasize "shot." Seriously?!?!?! You know, we're only the district in which the Columbine massacre occurred, and not everyone has recovered from the Aurora theater shooting and hey, the northern part of the community is still reeling from senseless and brutal kidnapping and death of a 10-year-old girl, but hey, it's perfectly fine to agree that the way to solve differences of opinion about the budget is through violence. banghead.gif She told the news later that she's going to write an apology. I hope it contains her resignation. I'm sick of her lies, I'm sick of her continued insistence on ignoring laws, facts, and even arguing that the district's zero-tolerance policy for weapons is too extreme (see: Columbine), and she needs to go.

Also, an arrest was made in the Jessica Ridgeway case today. He's 17. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that. Lived in the neighborhood, also connected to the attempted abduction of a 22-year-old runner on Memorial Day while she was running on trails around the lake (came up behind her and put a "chemical-laced" cloth" over her mouth, but she fought him off). Apparently he said something to his mom that made her wonder or partly confessed to her or something, and she made the call and he turned himself in. I can't imagine. The news is reporting that some of Jessica's remains have been found at the house (no official word from the PD, although it would make sense). Ugh.

I'm not sure I feel better or safer. I think I would if it was the typical 32-year-old white male and prior sex offender, yk? But it's a 17-year-old kid who was described by his biology lab partners as seemingly perfectly normal, not creepy or weirdly focused on certain parts of biology or whatever. He had taken a course on forensic pathology and won an award for his project though, which is interesting so long as we remember that none of the other kids in that class kidnapped and killed and dismembered someone. And then there's all the (supposedly sane) people calling for vigilante justice and saying distasteful things like "don't waste the taxpayers money on him, just let us at him" and that's almost as unsettling. So, yeah.
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