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MelW, add my well-wishes for a dry and safe house. I flooded my upstairs laundry room on the farm once and there just aren't words to adequately describe the feeling.


My kids are Lego lovers too. Ds has a friend in UAE from Denmark, whose aunt is a creative director there. That kid is a Lego freak (in the nicest way possible).


Geo, these are all super ideas for ds, especially something along the lines of what sparkle describes. It could be that I create some sort of 2D "puzzle" set out of construction paper with parts of speech and how they should work. Ideally, he would follow along in dd's grammar lessons and then do his own too, since she is doing more simplistic versions of the same concepts. He plugs along on things, and I have begun helping him get more dynamic with hit note-taking, to create more visually stimulating note pages that "hook" his memory better. We're working against previous training in a lot of ways, so he is unlearning before learning. An extra step. It will be fine, and once we are in our own space (this should happen by mid-November!), I can set up the environment and tools, use wall space, etc. At this moment, working out of a suitcase in a two-room hotel suite with two kids who are preoccupied with the thought of leaving everyone again--we have our own challenges in this moment, but they are learning and growing opportunities in themselves.


I was gently reminded yesterday when visiting a sick aunt, that they are bright kids with a unique opportunity, and that all this is big learning and I should probably relax. bag.gif


Also took kids to see my grandmother yesterday. I will be surprised if we see her again. She's in a dementia ward at a home, and has declined vastly since I last saw her, both mentally and physically. My mom took a pic of the four of us. Also got some insight into what has had my mom on the crazy train lately. uhoh3.gif


Kids and I will do lessons this morning, and I will probably hit the elliptical for a bit. I ate off-plan this past week a couple times. In addition to predictable GI distress, my chin broke out in acne, my eye condition is getting worse instead of better, my knuckles swelled and my back freaked out for two days. Back on plan yesterday, and already feeling a ton better. Blows my mind, this food thing.

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Jooj ~ you are so right about the food thing.  Blows my mind too.  I finished a Whole30 5 days ago and am still eating Paleo so feeling great.  For some reason, my urges to binge seem gone for the time being.  Lets hope they stay that way!  I also agree that the life experiences your children are having constitute more of an education than they could ever receive anywhere else.


NRR ~ went to the pain management doctor yesterday and he used an ultrasound (like the kind they use to see the baby when you're pregnant) to image my peroneal nerve.  Sure enough, he could see where it is compressed and flattened out by the fibular head.  Why they couldn't see that on MRI is beyond me, since the u/s took about 4 minutes and showed clear nerve compression.  He gave me a steroid/lidocaine injection at the nerve, and I'm still waiting for the lidocaine to wear off.  Shouldn't I have sensation back?  It's been almost 24 hours.....  Anyway, I really hope it helps with the knee thing.  I am having the same ultrasound imaging next Tuesday on my hip and SI joint.


No school today, but cold and rainy, so we are going cold-weather clothing shopping and getting stuff done around the house.  Busy weekend coming up with a soccer tournament for DS and horseback riding for DD1.  DS has games Saturday morning and afternoon, another on Sunday morning at 7:30 sleeping.gif and, if they make the final round, another game on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily they are all within 1/2 hour of home. 

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I'm paleo, too... well, I try.  Gluten gives me anxiety and depression symptoms, though, it seems, so I am as gluten free as possible...

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I wish I had the very valid explanations sparkle has but my life is just scooting along as usual while I feel like I am on the crazy train. I may have missed a run this week or I may fit it in tonight. It probably depends on too many variables. As you can see I am not taking control of the situation in a very strong way. I wish I had time to say more but I am going to go rescue my kitchen from and set people to piano practice and math lessons. I would rather not talk about the writing portion of our day until I have had some coffee.
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Yeah Mamajb, but I dont have as many kids, and I'm not doing a very good job with the ones I have (Dh informed me that the other night at bedtime DD1 asked him "why is mom so mean lately?" greensad.gif ) Sigh. I think we all have very high standards (or we wouldnt be dingoes), so we are all very good at being hard on ourselves. Keep plugging

JG - Dh specialized in U/S, and would have thrown one on you first, if for no other reason than he's a U/S GEEK. You would have thought I would have suggested it, like, a few years ago eyesroll.gif I hope things go well with the shot

RR: Finally, 60 min. bike intervals, 28 min. run/walk at 8:20 minute miles (only 10 of them lol.gif)

NRR: gotta get gong. Leaving for Gaye and Real's neck of the woods in an hour with DD1 for a comp. Just me and her. Driving ... 6 hours. Then 6 hours back tomorrow. Oh what we do for our kids
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Jo, not sure if you're asking for help on your DS or just venting, but in case you're asking for help, here's things we've learned in the last year:  *Multisensory learning works.  When at all possible, add movement, sound, touch to what he's to learn.  If it's parts of speech, make up a skit with the three of you -- verbs jump, adverbs wear an "ly," conjunctions have their arms reaching in both directions to connect thoughts, etc.  Spelling -- clap/jump syllables, hand signs for letter groupings (make up something for 'ing') or ASL letters for spelling -- air write words, color code words according to spelling rules, etc.

*Use graphic organizers for getting down thoughts beyond the most basic.  A list of juicy words over his desk.  Teach revision to include a step of adding details. DD uses one for main idea, with spines coming out for each detail, she then brainstorms adjectives/verbs/adverbs appropriate for the project, then she outlines paragraphs on a hamburger graphic organizer. 

*Teach typing -- revising is a lot less onerous when you don't have to rewrite every word.  The BBC program is good as it emphasizes positioning and accuracy over speed.

*Dictate into an ipod before writing (before or after the graphic organizer)

*Experiment with very prescriptive to very broad writing prompts.

*Memorize poetry

*Listen to books on tape.


Thanks Geo - I'm stealing these for dd and spelling.  She came home today with a D+ on this week's test.  Last night she had finished it with a much better score but fell apart when she had to write in cursive and spell. I'm coming to terms with the fact that she inherited dh's spelling gene but it still ails me.  Maybe these approaches will help her.


I feel like I've been awol somehow, I am alternately so busy working on Macbeth with/for the kids and then have these weird stretches where I forget the things I need to do and do other things that I also need to do only not so urgently.  dizzy.gif 


Like now for instance I have an hour before I need to go to rehearsal and a big pile of laundry on the couch but here I am.  Okay, I'm going.

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Oh, sparkle...if only I didn't have a 16 mile run and a 5 hour window with the satellite guy tomorrow, I would totally come visit you. Are you heading to my city, or the one to the south?

So happy that you're finally getting some answers, jaygee...I hope the steroids help. Pain management docs can do some amazing things, I don't know why they aren't utilized more often. I feel like there's a stigma to them, when really, they can often clear things up that no other specialist could.

I had the busiest night at work last night. I don't know that I've EVER had that busy of a night, at least on post-partum. On the bright side, the night flew by. Of course, I'm utterly exhausted now, especially since it was my third. I hope I have enough energy for the previously-mentioned run tomorrow. I'm trying to decide whether to do the group run from the local running store or not. They've only got a 10 mile route, and I need 16, so do I drag myself out of bed for a 7 am run with them when I probably won't even have anyone to run with in the group, or just go by myself from home a little later? Ugh. Not to mention that we had a tiny bit of a cold front move through, complete with a few inches of snow this morning, and it's not supposed to warm up until Sunday. I don't think I remember how to dress for cold weather running!
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So dh took the girls to the HS football game tonight so everyone is out.  What do I do?  Stand in the kitchen eating mint chocolate chip ice cream while reading the new copy of Runner's World. lol.gif  I know ice cream is off the menu but I haven't done that in so many years I honestly can't remember where I lived when it happened, may pre-dh?  Anyway, I totally enjoyed it.

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Good for you Plady  lol.gif


My geologist friends might be happy to know that my dd cam home from school every day this week declaring her love for geology. She is disappointed that her geography teacher is moving on to something else next week. Just goes to show you that kids never stop surprising you. She hasn't been this excited by a topic at school since debating was introduce in grade 7! Normally she is all blahblah.gif blahblah.gif blahblah.gif and love.gif about her favourite band (One Direction) but yesterday she couldn't stop talking about - well I am not sure exactly what she was talking about because her geography class is in French and while I am mostly bilingual, my geography vocabulary isn't! I am so glad she is liking high school and has found a really good group of friends. 


Well Dingoes, I will never have that yurt I used to fantasize about but I do have a little section of our living room carved out as a little office area for myself. I can now leave whatever I am working on out when I am done instead of constantly packing everything away or having my work space considered "shared space" by other members of my family. Little steps, right?


tjsmama - snow? wow! I hope you get a chance to rest soon.


1jooj - you are doing such a good job with homeschooling. Your kids are really lucky love.gif


sparkle - I hope the drive goes well hug.gif


I only have a minute right now because h arrives home shortly after his 2 weeks away so grouphug.gif to everyone

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Total long run fail. Well, I guess not total, since I did 3/4 of it. Very slowly. rolleyes.gif I just had no mojo, my feet hurt, my legs didn't want to go and my head didn't want to make them go, it was cold/drizzly/windy/yucky. blahblah.gif Blech. I am not very pleased with myself right now, to say the least. Hello....four weeks to marathon, and I can't pull of 16?

I then proceeded to be very productive with my afternoon, cleaning the kitchen and both bathrooms, sweeping off the balcony, vacuuming the whole house, and doing laundry. I also had the satellite guy out to reinstall my dish since I've had horrible signal for about four months now, thanks to the tree outside my balcony apparently growing to just the right size to block my signal. So I was feeling pretty good about myself, even with the crappy long run, but then I tried to book flights for Thanksgiving, since I finally got my schedule through November. Of course, I wanted to use my companion certificate that I get with my credit card so I only have to pay for one ticket (they're really freaking expensive!), and I can't do it. At least not without making some major compromises. Basically, the required fare class is not available at ALL on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so my best choices are a flight that leave at noon on Saturday (leaving us with only two days with family) or a flight that lands at 10 am on Monday (so DS would have to miss the entire morning of school that day). UGH. I don't like either choice, but I also can't afford to spend over $800 to fly home for Thanksgiving. greensad.gif
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Plady, ice cream and mag sounds terrific.


Shanti, I'm glad your dd found something exciting at school. And may your sacred space be honoured. Happy Thanksgiving, too!


bec, I had a dream after the conversations about curb appeal that you told us that Seamus Heaney lived on your street and had a messy absent-minded-professor kind of yard. I was skeptical because I'm pretty sure he lives in Ireland, but thought it was funny that it crept into my dreams.


gaye, I hope your 16 went well today!


sparkle, I hope the climbing comp/road trip went smoothly.


RR- Just a short bike ride today, recovery from a brutal for the legs bootcamp last night.


NRR- It's thanksgiving weekend, which we got out of hosting after last week's flooded house. My sister is in town and visited today, and we're having dinner at MIL's. I'm loving the extended warm summer-fall and spent part of today at a community fall fair with apple press to make cider, etc. My oldest busked with her fiddle and made me super proud love.gif

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Just back. Um, hello winter storm cold.gif I left my house at noon in cut-offs and a t-shirt, and by the time I hit the CO border, I had pants, scarf, and puffy jacket! Anyway, the competition went well, mostly b/c DD1 didnt have a melt-down about any of her climbs, which often happens (and I'm talking melt.down.) She also did pretty well I think, although the results wont be posted until tomorrow. I, of course, got NOTHING done.

I forgot to mention to y'all, last week, for DD1's birthday, her teacher had the class write one sentence each of something nice about her. This boy in her class, whom I suspect of maybe having a little crush (and whose mom and I are friends and would love if he did lol.gif), - he's also named "the lead character in To Kill a Mockingbird" luxlove.gif - , wrote: "when my writing becomes a code, you are the only one who can break it" Omg, energy.gif Is that the cutest or what!
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tjsmama--don't worry if he misses a day of school. It's not ideal, but R missed a day her first year when the district only gave us Wed-Fri off. Sorry you didn't have a good 16 either. I think everything's a little off in the Denver area this week.

sparkle--glad you're home safe.

MelW--sorry about the flood in your house!

Hugs, good vibes, prayers and anything else that's needed for everyone else. goodvibes.gif I've been reading but not posting.

NRR and highly important: there is a missing 10-year-old girl in my area. She didn't make it to school on Friday morning. greensad.gif Her mother works the night shift, got home around 7:30, helped her get ready for school and then saw her out the door and walking toward the school at 8:30. Then she went to sleep, sleeping through the phone call from the school to tell her that her daughter hadn't arrived. She woke up around 4 or so, got the message and immediately called the police. It seems that she disappeared in the three blocks between her house and a park where she usually met up with friends to walk the remaining distance to school. Her friend (or friends, depending on the news outlet) said she didn't arrive at the park. I got the reverse 911 call about her disappearance around 6 on Friday night. She disappeared about 2 miles north of my house, in the neighborhood my sister used to live in. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mom, grandma and an aunt. Dad is in Kansas City but isn't a person of interest. They searched all night with dogs and going door to door, and all, and then started sending out teams of volunteers this morning to search her neighborhood and nearby open space.

I joined the search this afternoon. Ironically, I drove up to the command post at a local rec center, only to have them load our search group on a bus and drive us right back to my neighborhood to search the park/open space/trail that's a half-mile north of my house. It's part of my regular running route. I'm glad we didn't find anything, but I'm really horrified by the whole thing. I get that this is statistically unlikely and walking to school is safe, but that's going to take a lot of reconciling personally. Prayers for her are appreciated, as is continuing to spread the Amber Alert via whatever social media you might have access to. BTW: the reports that she walked 1.3 miles to school are not true. They're measuring that as if she was dropped off by car. She was walking, and in this area the kids walk through the open space directly to the back of the school. If Witt is like the other schools around here, kids line up outside their classrooms until the bell rings (unless it's raining, snowing, or the temperature is below 20 degrees; neither was true on Friday), so her total walk was probably about half a mile, give or take.

RR: ran 4.5 miles on the TM this evening. Wasn't scared to be outside, but was pretty much done with the damp cold I'd been out in for most of the day.
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I saw the amber alerts all the way down I-25 on the interstate signage greensad.gifgoodvibes.gif that she is found soon and safe
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Oh wow, Real, I hope she is found safe and sound soon. praying.gif That is beyond terrifying.


Gaye, some long runs just suck. You will get there. I think you should take the monday flight option, personally (as if my opinion matters. lol.gif). Missing a day of school isn't such a big deal in the long run. Spending time with family is important.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, just found out dh is on call so we can't go to my family for the holiday. At first I was quite put out but actually it might be nice to have it here with just us or maybe inviting a few friends over. In any case the scene at my brother's is quite the raucous crowd with many animals and people and although my kids have a great time, it might be nice to spend a quieter weekend with them another time. Also this way I can actually, you know, EAT. Most of the food that is at the family gathering is off limits to me in one way or another (gluten, kosher, not vegan). 


T-1 week to the bat mitzvah. Going out to try and find ds a suit today at Burlington Coat Factory. Turns out getting him clothed for this shindig is a lot more of an issue than clothing anyone else. Go figure. I did finally just buy him black sneakers instead of dress shoes because he simply won't wear the dress shoes. Not the most classy but I'd rather avoid the argument. Mostly everything is more or less done but I still have loose ends to tie up. I got smart and took next Friday off so I have a day to myself to get everything together. Hopefully that will be enough. I still ahve to write my own speech...


Had a great run this morning, 10 miles in 1:36. It is just beautiful out..New England autumn. The trees are beginning to change. My hands however are still numb...I was perfectly comfortable in a shortsleeve base layer under a lightweight long sleeve tech t and my usual capri-skirt but my hands were totally red and numb. Guess I need the break out the gloves. It amazes me how the weather profoundly affects my sense of perceived effort and well being when I am running. 


Anyway, happy Sunday mamas! More later I hope...

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Real ~ how frightening!  I pray they find her safe, and quickly.


Nic ~ good luck on the last minute Bat Mitzvah stuff.  I can't wait to see pictures!  Nice run too :).


NRR ~ my leg feels fabulous now that the anesthesia is worn off!  Seriously, I'd love to go for a run today, but I am not supposed to exercise at all until Tuesday because of the injections.  I got up at 6:00 this morning to take DS to game 3 of his soccer tournament.  They played at 7:30am, luckily at a field in our town.  Won the game, but it was a tough win with some really crummy calls by the ref.  Now they are going to the semi-finals at 12:30 today.  This is the first game I've been to of his this year, and I must say that his new team is MUCH, MUCH better than his old team, and his coach is fantastic!  Off to church, then back for some more soccer tournament action this afternoon.  Go BFC!

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Gaye - I missed your post. Miss school! Are you kidding. I took my kids out for a week of this school year already (see visit to Plady), and they didnt miss a beat. Maybe you could ask the teacher for homework that he could do on the plane so you feel better?

Nic - wave.gif I have been thinking about you and keep forgetting to say so. I want to acknowledge that you are working at LEAST 5x harder than me and not whining a peep! bow.gif

JG - joy.gif Looking forward to hearing about your runs

RR: Bike/run intervals. It was hard (not enough sleep; to bed at midnight, up at 5 dizzy.gif, underfueled), but my head was in the game so it went ok. 85 minutes of work; home by 8:45. Nice way to start a Sunday.
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Real - oh, how distressing and so close to home for you! I just read about this and hope that her dad was the one who came and got her.

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Thread Starter 

Gaye - I'm with the others.  Miss the day of school.  Just call Monday a wash.  He's in 1st grade.  There's nothing that will stunt him.  I'm sorry about the run, though.  It sucks when a long run sucks. 


Real - That is terrifying.  I have only started letting Katie walk herself to school this year (she's 11.5).  I really hope they find the girl and she's all right.  This is a parent's worst nightmare, and it being right in your back yard must be very unsettling.


Nic - I think it is wise to cave on the dress shoes vs. black sneakers issue.  Besides, who knows if there will be super villains there that he may have to defeat!


RR: The fall weather really, really does make a difference!  I got 6.5 miles in at a pretty good clip.  I don't know my exact pace because I am still figuring out my NEW GARMIN 910XT!!!!!!!!  This was my birthday present, as my 305 finally went completely belly up (it wouldn't hold a charge more than 5 minutes).  Anyway, I didn't have it on autopause, so it kept going through all the stop lights, etc.  Oh, and I had my two little ones with me on their bikes, so they got a nice (if chilly for them ) ride.  I also had a friend come with me for the first 3, so that was really nice, too.

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Bec - birthday.gif


Real - That is horrible news!  Have they found her yet?  I can't bear to imagine what that mother must be feeling. 


Nic - I agree the shoes are cool.  More evidence of your awesomeness.


Gaye - Yeah, total no-brainer.  Miss the day of school.  I'd probably have been looking to leave Monday anyway just because it's such a big trip and the Monday after Thanksgiving isn't going to make or break his school year.  Of course I've never had a kid with perfect attendance and so I don't know the high that comes with that accomplishment! lol.gif


 JayGee - Yay for no pain!!  Enjoy that run when it happens!


Sparkle - Way to get it done, underfueled and sleep-deprived and all!


RR: Nope.


NRR: Took dd and 2 friends off-island to get ears pierced on Saturday.  I have to say, it was harder for me than any other milestone in dd's life.  She just suddenly seemed so grown up.  Then I took the girls for pedicures and lunch and a little shopping and then dd had a soccer game.  Unfortunately she forgot one of her shin guards and of course within the first 10 minutes of the game she got kicked hard in that shin.  She was out for the rest of the game screaming in pain on the sidelines.  It was one of those times where I was wishing for that hole to swallow us.  Not only was she making a huge fuss over what appeared to be nothing to the naked eye, no bruise, barely even a red area but two girls on their team didn't show up for the game so there were no other subs and though the kids played hard they got creamed.  I really wish there was some way to sample the pain level of that girl to be able to judge whether or not it's really that bad.  I can just never tell.  Last night before bed she had a total meltdown, hyperventilating, screaming, writhing, the whole bit.  DH thinks it's all fatigue induced nonsense so he tells her to be quiet and go to sleep so then she comes freaking out back to me and I end up lying in bed with her until she falls asleep. angry.gifconfused.gifhelp.gif


Anyway.  The trip was her birthday celebration and happily she and her friend had made up and everything there seemed okay.  I was pretty burnt out by the end of the day, as I always am when I leave the island for the day but I was kind of amazed when neither girl thanked me for any of the day's adventures.  WTF?  I wonder, am I too scary to speak to or what?  Are they really bratty little kids who feel entitled to spa time and lunch out?  Or do I have a completely old fashioned idea about what constitutes a special event?  I really don't know but if I thought that my dd would ever go off for a day like that with someone else's mom and then neglect to say goodbye and thank you at the end of it, I'd be locking her in a windowless tower. </rant>

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