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Mmmm whipped cream frosting would be awesome.  Or a seven minute frosting...

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ok my all-time favorite cake is this: take 2 cake pans like for a layer cake.  crumble angel food cake in them. Then take vanilla and rainbow sherbert (soften them a bit) -- pack the layers with the cake in it with ice cream. then freeze those layers. You have to work fast and it helps if you have something like an ice cream spade to help pack.


Several hours later you have two frozen layers in the freezer. Have ready: a sink full of warm water + a whipped topping (think consistency of cool whip). Also have the plate you want the cake on + a frosting implement.


Dip the pan from one of the layers in the warm water to loosen it up. Be careful not to let water go over the top. Put it on the plate. frost the top.

Then take the other layer out of the fridge, again dip it and stick it on top.

If they are super melty then refreeze them and then frost.

If not, frost and then return to the freezer.

I bet you could put cookies in the middle of the cake too -- crumbled like the stuff at DQ.

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Well, the one prerequisite that is non-negotiable is that this be a CHOCOLATE cake. I actually always make a whipped cream frosting so that could work (I make a chocolate ganache and then whip it in the Kitchenaide yummy.gif).
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yes, I had a student come in, so I ran out of time.

chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream.

I think magic shell style coating could work too. (essentially coconut oil + chocolate will make a magic shell style coating).



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Sorry for the outburst.  I also have birthday baking to do for next Monday.  I love Kerc's idea, and the ganache-as-whipped-cream-frosting idea and all of this is making me wonder how I'll get back on the wagon when Tuesday rolls in. lol.gif

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I have 10 ten year olds sleeping over Saturday. There will be chocolate cake and, I suspect, a request for chocolate chip pancakes sunday. I know; disgusting, and yet how will I make it through lol.gif
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I'm baking cupcakes before the 7yr old bday party friday.

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and running today, tomorrow and friday.

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clap.gif Go Kerc run.gif
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post


My sentiments exactly! Y'all are killing' me!

We've got DH's birthday this weekend here too. No clue what he wants, but I am sure it will involve chocolate.
Speaking of pancakes, I have been making primal pancakes every morning now out of one banana, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. coconut flour, and cinnamon all cooked in some coconut oil. YUM! Even without syrup ir anything.

Go, Kerc, go!
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This reminds me that this is the week of the month that I need to bake a big chocolate cake if my two dd's are to avoid killing each other. I think I might be about 18 hours too late but heavy doses of chocolate seems to be the only thing that keeps the hormone surges under control. 




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I need this imprinted on my eyeballs these days!





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Discombobulated, out of sorts, face broken out, hair starting to frizz, onset of seasonal depression, and hate every item of clothing I own.


Yeah, chocolate would be good right about now, if I had any that is.

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Shanti - I really, really... like REALLY needed to see that right now! 


RR: Tri class tonight, so got a bunch of swim drills and a spin in. 

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JayGee - Those sound yummy.  I'll have to track down some coconut flour.  My girls have dutifully been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast every day since August 8.  I bet I could win some points with those primal pancakes. winky.gif

Real - Is no news no good news?  I can't stop thinking about that little girl.


These are the cupcakes I've agreed to make for dd's class.


  If they look anything like these I'll post a pic.

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Insert expletive here.  So, the tooth fairy forgot about the two pulled teeth that my 11 year old had pulled yesterday. duh.gif  Yes, I am mom of the year.  So, I write up the note from the tooth fairy and go to sneak it into the room, and the kid is laying completely on top of her pillow!  I can't get in there!  She was waking up.  Grrrr!  I really need to get to bed.  It's already late, and I have a 5:30 spin class I want to get to tomorrow!  ARGH!!!!

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bawling.gif They found a body in nearby open space. The police wouldn't confirm that it was hers, but they did hold a joint press conference with Arvada PD at 7:30 tonight. There's no way they would do that if they didn't think it was her. (She disappeared in Westy and a body was found in Arvada, hence the joint press conference.)

I'm sick and sad and horrified.

The police will update at 6:30 am tomorrow; I expect they'll confirm everyone's worst fears.

There was a period today, in the morning, when there was news of sightings in Maine. It seemed far-fetched (that's a long way to drive) but two people reported an identical car with Colorado plates and girl matching her description in two different areas, so.... They cleared the parents at 4 pm, but by then, if various sources are correct, they had already discovered what they expected to be her body.

Unless I miss my guess, the police think the perp is still nearby. Her school spent the day on lockout, supposedly because of law enforcement in the area. That's not how the district works. Lockout is because they have a reasonable concern that someone dangerous might otherwise gain access to the building.

It certainly has me rethinking free range kids. I don't disagree with her numbers or her points or think that everyone should tether their children to themselves, but um, yeah. She disappeared in two minutes. And someone is out there who hurt her, clearly has knowledge of the area and most likely lives very close by.

I need to go to bed. The candle is for the child they found and the family waiting for that child to come home. candle.gif
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candle.gif                      bawling.gif

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