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Hi there,


What kind of diapers are you all using or planning to use with your new babe? 


I've used soooo many kinds and combinations over the years.  Last time I really preferred prefolds snappi'ed inside wool soakers.  I have plenty, I think, but now as time gets closer I am starting to feel the itch for more!


Also, if you are using prefolds, what size are you going to use?  My babies have all been big- just under 9 pounds to 10 pounds 6 ounces.  I know I used to have some preemie prefolds, but I can't find them.  I have plenty of infant, but now I'm wondering if I should get some preemie for the earliest days, especially when she still has her cord stump. 


So, anybody want to talk diapering?  :)

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We're doing mostly fitteds under wool soakers and longies, with a few PUL covers and a bunch of prefolds as back-ups in case we run out of fitteds and/or don't like using wool as much as I'm hoping to. Last time, we used a combo of AIOs and prefolds with PUL covers, which worked great, but I'm really excited to try wool, since I've learned to knit between babies #1 and #2. smile.gif
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Oh, and forgot to say we're using newborn (orange-edge) GMD prefolds. Baby #1 was 8lbs12oz, and we were able to use the newborn size with him for awhile.
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We used disposables for the first few weeks last time till DS was big enough to put in our BG pockets (they were the only cloth diapers i had last time around and we used them till they started falling apart/didn't fit anymore). He was not quite 8 lbs at birth.   I really want to use cloth from the start this time though so we have GMD orange edge prefolds and workhorse diapers with a combination of  PUL and wool covers.  After that I have a HUGE number of prefolds in various sizes and a few PUL covers and I'm guessing I'll have to make some more wool covers too and I have some imagine pocket diapers for times when they seem like they would be more convenient. If we like the workhorse diapers during the newborn stage we may invest in some more of those later on too.  I also have some other fitteds that I got from friend who was destashing though so we may not need to get more for a while.

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I have 28 fitted diapers.. 12 workhorse from gmd and 16 kissaluv 0's and then I have 5 pul covers and two random aio's. I plan to wash every other day.. But part of me is wondering if I should buy a dozen prefolds just to supplement it.. This is my first time cloth diapering a newborn!
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I love this topic!  hehe


Last time, I used sposies and 1 doz infant pf as I built a os stash.  This time I'll have a toddler and nb in cloth.  And two more in cloth at night.  I may have to wash daily or if I don't wantto do that, have two wetbags and do two loads everyother day...not sure how that will go, yet. 


I really liked pfs last time around, and I do not like wool, lol.  I think the complete outfits are cute, but I don't knit/crochet and am not into the pricing of it.  I have chubby babes and they don't need any extra fluff, lol.  I have a hard time keeping them in clothes as it is. lol.


So, this time, I have osocozy preemie pf (tiiiny!), xs and sm imagine smartfits pf, infant little lion pfs.  I also have 9 fitteds (workhorse and sandys xs) and 13 aio's (mostly nb simplex, but also grovia, lil joey, bum genius, and tots bots...all nb).  I have 8 nb covers and 8 sm covers...


I love my bg 4.0's but think I want to do sized with this baby.  So my 4.0s will be the toddler stash and I'll size up from nb probably into med simplex (already have 4) and workhorses if I like them...I also have pf's in med and lg and 14 os covers, so I can use those as well...I'd just like the kiddo to be able to wear the size clothes he's in (which I already have to size up for chunkiness, usually) an not then oversize for a dipe.  Just my preference since all my others have been 20 lbs by 4 mos.


So, that's the plan, subject to change.  =)

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We're using mostly prefolds...starting in the preemie size with a lot of newborn sized as well. I have some wool covers I knit and a few normal newborn covers. For the nights, I do have two bumgenius newborn sized AIOs, and one of those little joey ones. I also have like 6 fuzzibunz in the small size, but they prob. won't fit for a while. 


For the most part, we do part time EC with prefolds without covers...covers when out and about...and AIOs for overnight or very extended trips out and about, so not much will change as this one grows ;-) If memory serves, ds was naked much of the time while little...I guess we just kept the house warm? LOL!

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I love the newborn diapers!!!  I have quite the newborn stash as many of my diapers are "borrowed" from friends :) I have 30 FuzziBunz XS, 10 Little Joey AIO's, 4 Grovia newborn AIO's, 4 newborn fitteds, and 2 covers.  I don't think the FB's will be my favorite as they are really time consuming to stuff as they are soooo tiny.. :-) Can't wait to get my little one in her cloth!!

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We have a hodge podge of diapers that Ive collected over the years. I use AIOs when we leave the house and fitted/covers or similar when we are home

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i see a lot of you have premie prefolds.. how big are your babies typically? i've been thinking about getting some of these to use as doublers.. but if they are big enough to use alone for typical newborns maybe they would be too much?? 

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I only used infant pf on my last--he was 9 lbs.  and they were fine.  I think I may have had to fold the rise a bit...with this, I thought I was going to go early and maybe have a smaller babe, so to be prepared I bought the doz osocozys--I'll be honest, they would fit a doll, they are so tiny to me...I'm thinking they will only be good at the very beginning when baby isnt really wetting as they are not very many layers either.  I think they'll make good doublers for siz sm and up...

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awesome thank you dannic!  my 4th baby was 8lbs 3oz... and my kids just keep getting bigger at birth so i'm guessing this little one will be at least 8.5lbs.. so it sounds like i wouldnt really need the premie for sure!

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My friend who sold me her lot of prefolds had some premie ones in there.  She said she only ever used them as doublers.  They are tiny.  I can't imagine they ever would have fit DS who was almost 8 lbs at birth.

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I do have nb size pfs this time around, which are bigger than the preemie but not quite as long as the infant, and I think they strike a good balance for me...lol.  I'm pretty sure I'm back on track with my 9 lb babies at this point, considering that my last was 8.4 and 22" long when born at 38 weeks, lol...

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We have a mixx of fitteds, lil joeyz, grovia, extra small bum genius and a few other random all in ones. But really only my fitted muttaquns, lil joeyz and the simplex have a fold down for her cord. So we've been using those and my friend brought by her leftover sposies with the cord notch. I hate sposies but we've been using those for the last day since she is going through more dipes in one day than we have with the fold down and the others have been irritating her cord and making it bleed. I doubt we'll use the sposies more than a few more days though. The lil joeyz fir really well but we've had some pee leaks from a few dif kinds bc they aren;t getting on tight enough - probably user error though (after dh or my midwife put them on too lose). 


Man do they look adorable on!! Here's a pic in the fitted Muttaquins:






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Look at that sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!  cute diaper too ;-)

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Oh, she is SO cute!!! 

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Gorgeous baby girl!!!!!

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omg! Ridiculously cute baby girl! Love that hair!!

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Omg cutest thing ever!!!!!!.how adorable!!!
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