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I have this thing for babies in cloth...must.have.more.pics!!!  So sweet!

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I've got that same thing Dannic. :-) Here is Aria in my fave little dipe right now. Her Lil Joey. Which she prompty pooped up as soon as I put it on and took some pics!





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Ahh, thanks!  I haven't cded a girlie yet.  Well, unless this one turns out to be a girl in spite of dh's instincts!  lol.

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I've been super nesting the past few days, and I've started really worrying that (a) I didn't have enough newborn diapers and (b) I needed something with more room for her cord.  So, this morning I ordered a dozen Green Mountain Diaper organic workhorse dipes, newborn sized.  I debated a bit on the size, because newborn only goes to 10 pounds and chances are this baby will be close to that at birth.  But then I really want the option to fold the top down for her cord, so I went ahead and ordered them.  Now, I will be busy stalking the mailman for them.  They are pretty affordable, under $70 including shipping for the whole dozen, and they're organic! 


So, now I've got 2 dozen plus a few straggler infant prefolds with a bunch of snappi's, 12 nb workhorse fitteds, and maybe a half dozen or so random fitteds and AIO's.  Oh, and about a dozen, probably more homemade woolies and 3 Imse Vimse wool newborn wraps. 


LOVING the newborn in cloth pics!

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Cindy-.that is so freakin cute!!! I'm so baby hungry right now! I can't wait to see how the diapers fit on my Lil pumpkin! Thank you for sharing the cute pics!

Chrissy-let me know how you like the organic!!! I got some of the bleached ones on their super sale and I'm excited to try them out! I think they well fit a larger than 10lb baby.. The leg holes are way bigger than my kissaluvs and they can snap pretty wide. If you got the no closure kind they may fit even longer!

I'm worried about my covers not working with the umbilical cord.. :/ here is hoping they work because I'm not buying any disposable diapers!
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We have prefolds too but our covers (thirsties) I don't think would be any better on her cord than most of our newborn AIOs - so we haven't done that option. Thankfully her cord is now hanging bc a thread and should be gone within the day!


We're doing a newborn photo shoot on sunday - def need to make sure her cutest dipes are clean so I can get some great shots in them! I'll probably do that Lil Joey and this super cute flower print Simplex. 



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Amanda, that's good to know about the leg holes being bigger than Kissaluvs.  I have used Kissaluvs on my newborns before and they did fit for a few weeks at least! 


Cindy, how do you like the Simplex?  They are sooo cute! 

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Chrissy! Long time no see! I did not know you were expecting another sweet babe. joy.gif


I am using prefolds 99% of the time with wee Aspen. She was 7 pounds even at birth and has been wearing both preemie prefolds and the orange edged GMD newborn unbleached prefolds. The GMD ones are my very favorite! They are so soft and squishy! I do not have a picture of her in them, but I do have a picture of her in a preemie CuddleBuns diaper. Dh had taken her out in the backyard for a bit of sun to help clear up the jaundice. She loves the sun!



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Cindy- Aria is beautiful! I love babies in cloth diapers. cd.gif

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Aurora: Thank you! Love the sunbathing babe. :-)


Chrissy: I like the simplex so far. You're right - they are SO cute. And they are supposed to fit for a long time AND they have the cord fold down. Pretty great, if you ask me.


Since Aria's cord fell off last night I get to start using all our other dipes! I've been using bum genius XS all morning and like the fit and the velcro. Though I can't seem to remember to use the laundry tabs so that is a bummer about velcro. I'm used to snaps on everything. Later I'm excited to try some more of my fitteds and wool covers. 

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Aurora- love love the picture!! What a sweetie!! smile.gif
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Aurora, I didn't know you were expecting again either! I only come to browse here nMDC every few days, so it was such a fun surprise to come here and find you!  Congratulations on sweet Aspen!!  What a beauty!

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Aurora: were you by any chance in the 2/09 ddc?


just used my wool cover for the 1st time and it worked! yay!

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