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Confirming twins w/o ultrasound

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Hey ladies! I'm 20+3 with my fifth baby. At 12-13 weeks I was measuring 17-18 and at my 20 week appt. yesterday I was measuring 25. It is not unusual for me to measure ahead at 20-30 weeks and by 24-28 it starts evening out. I've never measured so far ahead right from the beginning though. Since my last appt. at 12 weeks I've lost 6 lbs (went to a grain-free diet) and when she went to check my FH she seemed really surprised I wasn't measuring small. She immediately wondered about twins, which she's never mentioned with my other babies.


She listened to the h/b and felt around a bit, but didn't look for a second h/b. She had a hard time getting the one and she doesn't like using the doppler long, I imagine that's why she didn't look further. She also says based on positioning it can be hard to find two heart beats. She said we'll wait and see. Part of me is totally fine with that and part of me is dying to know, haha! She said there's nothing wrong with not knowing right now, less to worry about.


Anyone have any twin stories, such as finding out without an u/s? How did you find out/confirm? How many weeks? Was your pregnancy different? What was movement like? I'm trying not to drive myself crazy, but I'm failing! I am telling myself it is probably one, but this pregnancy has been *different*. I see her again at 25 weeks, hoping to get more answers then. smile.gif

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At 20 weeks, I can find two heartbeats in less than 2 minutes, so she shouldnt really have to search too hard for the second one. They are not always in the same place, but they are pretty easy to find because they are loud.  They still move around alot, so their positions are different sometimes. I have some extra padding, and it was easy to find their heartbeats until now, but at this point in gestation it really shouldnt be that hard to find with the doppler. 


My pregnancy was pretty similar- No extra morning sickness, no extra symptoms at all really. I didn't feel different, other than the fact that I was huge- and quick. Now at 20 weeks, Im measuring about 30. At 10 weeks I measured 16, at 15 weeks I measured 22. 


Id be dying to know for sure, for a few reasons:


~ if youve lost 6 lbs, you'll need to really strive to gain if there are two babies in there

~ I personally would want to know if they are mono or di- basically how high the risks are 

~does your midwife do twin homebirths? Id hate to wait to find out, and then have to switch to an OB/MD at the last minute because the midwife didnt want to do it. But, I like planning ahead.



Basically, the big question I would ask myself is would you follow the recommendation for monoamniotic twins to be delivered via c section. If so, then I would want to find out immediately so that I could stop planning a homebirth. 

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I don't think she felt two distinct baby shapes and that's why she didn't search more for a second h/b. And also because it took her using the fetoscope and then two different dopplers to find the one h/b she found. She was in the correct spot the whole time, but for some reason it kept picking up my h/b instead of the baby's.


Yes, she does twin homebirths, she's done three this year. If we're still thinking twins at my next appt, I will talk to her about the risks and whether I should have an u/s to find out more. After a couple days to chew on all of this, I *honestly* think it is one, but I'm trying to prepare a little just in case.


A question, what is movement like? Would I be feeling tons of movement if it was two? The movement just feels normal to me.

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For me, the movement has been totally normal. In fact, I had way more (and stronger) movements from DS by this point in the pregnancy. The only thing that is weird is that right now they are both transverse in opposite directions, so Im getting movements on two totally different sides of my belly. That feels really weird, because typically by the time you feel movement on both sides of the babies are much bigger, and therefore the movements are way stronger. 

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Hmmm, I'm getting movement on both sides of my belly too. From down low to up at my ribs. Maybe this will just be a bigger babe for me (was charting, so sure of my dates)? The movement feels like it is coming from one, but I don't know what two feels like.. My others were small. And I felt much more movement with my last baby than with this one (ones?). When you lie on your back, how big is your 'baby lump'? Mine feels big for a 20 weeker. 

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Im not sure what you mean by "baby lump". I am feeling movement on both sides, like all the way over on my left and all the way over on my right. (There are feet on both sides :) ) 

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I knew I should have clarified more, haha. The best way to describe it is the outline of the baby when you lie and your back and he/she/they are anterior. smile.gif I have a layer of fat that is making it really hard to distinguish parts, I can just feel a big bulge and I can feel the back.

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When I lay on my back there is a vertical bulge in the middle, like there has been all three times- I previously thought it was the baby's back, but its not. Those are my abdominal muscules :)


 I cant feel baby outlines yet. But in the last ultrasound, I was shown by drawing outlines on my stomach exactly where and how big they were and they are both the same size that DD was at 20 weeks. Not two smaller babies, but two babies the same size as DD- I have no clue how that doesnt make my belly measuring 40 weeks, but it doesnt. But, I also have a layer of fat. Like you, Ive had babies close together. These will make 4 babies in three years, which makes it a little harder to figure out where they are at this gestation. 

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I always thought that was the baby I was feeling (my bulge is more horizontal all below my belly button) but maybe it is just my abs. Thanks for all the info! You've been very helpful! I'm just going to try to not obsess and be anxious. 

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     One indicator that I was carrying more than one baby was hiccups in two different places. Now they were at different times, too, which made it tricky, but the babies were big enough by then to not be expected to move around so much. Another sign, though I was toward the end of the pregnancy, was that one baby's head was in my pelvis and there was that other little hiccup on the side.

      My midwife listened for two heartbeats with a doppler but said that even though she picked up heart tones on different sides of my uterus, they were the same beats per minute. Never got a diagnosis of twins (or confirmation of my twin suspicions, for that matter) until my little girl was born and we heard another heartbeat in utero.

     Oh, and I had a successful, uncomplicated twin home waterbirth. It was amazing and it's totally possible.  I know there are reasons why I wasn't meant to "know" for certain about my twin girls, but it's not adviseable for everyone. My advice: listen to your intuition. You're the Mama, after all.

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Thanks for your input!! I'm 24 weeks tomorrow and measuring about 30-31 and still wondering. I bought a prenatal heart monitor at BRU (not a doppler and not as good as one, more like an amplified stethoscope) and from day to day get the heartbeat in drastically different spots, but not at the same time & it's always in the 160s. I've felt hiccups just once and was wondering what twin hiccups would be like, if it were twins. :) Did you feel extra movement? The movement I feel is pretty normal, albeit very high, already being at my sternum. I don't really know what to think anymore.. I feel like it could be two but it's probably one. I'm thinking the most likely option is a lax uterus and more amniotic fluid or a bigger baby. smile.gif


I went to our local crisis pregnancy center for a free u/s but the turned me away because I have prenatal care and I'm further along. That was really my only option as DH doesn't want one period (he doesn't know I went, oops haha!) and there's no way he'd pay for one. Oh well! Hopefully I'll know more at my 25 week appt.

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No, I didn't feel more movement than I had with my singleton pregnancy. Also, when palpitating, I could distinctly feel the baby's back and bottom on my left side with an extra bump on the right. I couldn't quite figure out that extra bump. Also, if you find yourself with an extra bump or two, there might be a gap separation between where one baby ends and the other begins. Somewhere, exploring on the web, there was a description for this gap which turns out to be an indicator of mulitples also.

How are your urine strips turning out? Some mothers pregnant with twins may drop a bit of protein which may or may not be associated with preeclampsia. No matter how many babies you've got cookin', it's so important to eat enough protein. Good luck, Mama.

P.S. After my first set of twins, I'm now pregnant again and kind of in a similar boat as you are...measuring big, but too early to palpitate clearly.

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I have been feeling extra bumps too. I feel the main baby parts on my right, where all my babies liked to hang out, but what feels like extras on the left. It could be a weird position, but I've been feeling that since 20ish weeks when the baby seemed a little small to take up that much space. I read something recently about a ridge that can sometimes be felt with twins if they are in separate sacs. I've only seen my midwife twice, the first visit my urine strip was totally normal and the second time I was spilling trace ketones which we attributed to my body adjusting to the grain-free diet I started at 13 weeks (I lost 6 lbs from 12-20 weeks and am just now gaining a little). For several weeks earlier on I was spilling moderate ketones.


How far apart were your girls born? Were you pretty convinced it was twins? What a lovely birth that must have been! How would you feel about a second set?? Ah, the suspense!! 

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Yes, the ridge. That's it! I felt it distinctly when I looked for it, though it must have been at least 30 plus weeks when I did. I had suspicions of twins, but also excuses for every multiple pregnancy symptom that I had (polyhydraminos, just another big baby, maybe the baby swiveled a perfect 180). Funny. Now it seems that I should have known all along!

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Oh dear, you're making me wonder even more, haha! Were you big? I don't think I look big enough for twins, but I don't know...!

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Oh yes. I was big. Measured 3 to 5 cm bigger every prenatal. At 42 weeks, when my girls were born, I measured 57 cm!. People thought I was bigger than the average pregnant woman, but I didn't think much of it. Thought maybe I just forgot how big I get when I'm growing a baby. Ha ha!

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I have measured anywhere from right on (at 12 weeks) to 9 cm big (at 17 weeks) but average of 2-5 cm ahead. I have had an ultrasound and at 20 weeks there was only 1 in there, but the baby is a bit big. We thought twins before that, but now there is distinct lack of baby on my left side, with the exception of legs/arms. 

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Here I am yesterday at 23+6. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/josie4/014-2.jpg


We will see how it turns out!! I see my midwife on 11/5, hopefully she'll be able to tell by then. Thanks for the input ladies!! thumb.gif

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I'm not sure what your reasons are for avoiding ultrasound, but in your case if the measurements you are giving here are accurate, you should get one.  It's not just to see if it's twins.  If you have polyhydramnios, it could be a sign of some serious underlying issues with your baby.


Not to scare you or anything, but twins are not the only thing that could make you measure large.  Some of those things that could cause polyhydramnios would make it less safe for you to birth at home, as your baby might need immediate medical care.

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Yes, I'm aware there are several other things that could cause larger FH measurements, including simply having a 5th baby in 6 years. We've always opted out of u/s and my husband is adamantly against getting one. The only way he'd be open to one is if my m/w recommended one and she hasn't. We're following her guidance.

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