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anyone still pregnant?

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I was due Sept. 29th, and I knew exactly what my dates were.  I also went a couple of days early with DS, so even though I know babies come on their own time, I really had it in my head that this babe would have been here by now.  Anyone else having an Oct. baby?

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Your baby will be here soon Nelson!!  I went 4 days past EDD with DD and 6 days past with DS.  Hang in there and enjoy these last days as a family of 3, that is what we did those last days before DD arrived and I cherish those moments!  Thinking of you!

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Oh, nelson, it's so hard to go past your EDD! I was due Sept 8th... and Leo wasn't born until Sept 21st!! That was at 41w6d! My dd1, dd2, and dd4 were all due in February.... but all three ended up as March babies! And, fwiw, dd4 came at 41 weeks, so I absolutely expected this Baby Five to arrive around 40 weeks or so... but instead I got the joy of two more weeks of pregnancy ;) I know there still have to be some September-turned-October babies still hanging out in bellies! Good luck in your waiting!
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My DH has been taking time off of work and we have had the most amazing weather these past couple of weeks.  So yes, spending family time together with just the 3 of us has been really great.  I just can't believe how crazy it is making other people that I have gone past my date, it's kind of strange, I never expected to feel so harassed.  Thanks for the support ladies!

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I can imagine!  I am VERY sensitive to harrassment when pregnant.  I think if we have a third child I will just tell people that the due date is the 42 week date!!  Thinking of you!

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definitely thought I would have an October baby. He just caught the last end of September though.


Cherish all those last moments of pregnancy- that's how I tried to think about it. I mean, it's so crazy to feel our kiddos inside of ourselves and it's such a special time. I know you're anxious to meet your LO, but that time WILL come! I wrote letters to Nico before he was born... it was pretty meaningful to me, and might help pass the time if you're in to that sort of thing. (: 


Either way, I'm sure other Sept DD ladies are going into October... they just don't seem to be big posters! You aren't alone though, that's for sure. (: 

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So, the night after I posted this I went into labor!  Even though, I technically delivered in Oct.  I kept with the theme of our Sept. due date club and had about a 4 hour total labor and almost didn't make it to the hospital- more story and pictures to come.

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Awesome! Congratulations!!
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Yay!! Congrats :)

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