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Progesterone creams?

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Anyone know of a good progesterone cream I am waiting to ovulate but I want to make sure I have my progesterone cream ready to use the day after I ovulate ?? Any help ladies thanx
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Bump for more views! 

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Don't know anything about using the creams, but my post menopausal friend recommended this to me for regular female health (I'm only 27)...



I think it is fine for pregnancy too. Double check the ingredients though.

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The Emerita is the one I used to save the two babies I do have...after that, I switched to a different brand, and I have lost every single baby since then...maybe just a coincidence, but maybe not. It never registered until right now. 

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joyfammama, what do you mean save, if you don't mind me asking?

I've lost two pregnancies since my boy was born 2 years ago, and both times I cramped and barely spotted pink for daaaaays until I started to miscarry. I asked if I could do anything once I started cramping and they were like "huh, well, no." no hormone level testing or anything. They say there's no reason to think there'd be a fertility problem because I carried my son to term a few years ago. 


My question really is, should I have this cream on hand next time I get pregnant? 

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I mean, I'm as sure as I can be that the two babies I do have I would not have had if I had not used the cream. Every time I cramped and/or spotted, I would put some cream on, and it would stop within minutes. I had to use it for about 2-3 weeks and then I was able to stop (at about 10 weeks). Does that make sense?
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A lot of sense! and I'm glad I came across this. I lost mine both between 8 and 10 weeks and they told me my uterine lining was probably not thick enough and better luck next time. I'm definitely going to get the cream next time.

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From what I have researched it is good to start using the cream a few days after ovulation even, or at the latest the day you get your BFP. Then use until 10-12 weeks, because stopping may cause miscarriage. It is one of those things, you don't know for sure if it helped, but it can't hurt so why not try it! I used it for my first pregnancy, now using it this cycle (7DPO) hoping for a BFP.

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I think you're right, flyabuv. It's not been very wise of me to wait until I start spotting to use the cream. However, I only recently learned about how many women start to use it 2-3 DPO (often shots or injections), long before they ever have any concrete idea whether they successfully got pregnant or not.
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I hope you don't mind me posting here...I just happened to be searching for something and this came up.


I just thought I'd share that I've used progesterone cream for many pregnancies (both successful ones and losses).  I try to find a cream that lacks estrogenic ingredients (this site has some listed- http://bioidenticalprogesterone.info/miscarriage.html).  I generally wait until a confirmed ovulation, so 2-3 days after, but I have started it before I actually ovulated and it didn't mess anything up.  I have always used 2-3x the "normal" dosage, and at least twice a day. 


However, now I don't just rely on the cream, but I take Welcome Womb, too.  I figure I can only benefit from the added help.

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1babysmom - I'm glad to hear using a double dose is OK. Thanks!!
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