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In for now, but totally frazzled!

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I went in for my first u/s last week at what I 'thought' was eight weeks. The u/s showed nothing but a thickened lining, and the tech made me feel crazy, like I'd imagined it all. Luckily I left a urine sample; they called me back to say it was positive. They feared it was ectopic, and had me back in for bloodwork, which came back normal- for a very early pregnancy. 48 hours later it doubled- which ruled out the ectopic- and another u/s showed signs of very early pregnancy. Bloodwork yesterday was right on track. I have another u/s Thurs which should show the sac. And, probably, another u/s (ugh) the week after which should confirm heartbeat.


This is the closest thing to a miracle I've encountered with pregnancy, although I am stumped as to how it could've occurred. I'm afraid to get my hopes up again- but appreciate hopes/prayers/good vibes  :)


Anyone else ever experienced something like this?

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I've not experienced anything like that, but I'll pray, hope, AND send good vibes! And congratulations! joy.gif
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Weird, could you have O'd really late? Or maybe had a really early miscarriage and then gotten pregnant again right away? Hard telling, I'm sorry the U/S tech made you feel that way, I HATE when medical professionals make patients feel that way. I hope things go smoother for you the rest of the journey!
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Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post
I'm sorry the U/S tech made you feel that way

^ Echoing that.


goodvibes.gif to you!  Let us know.

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I kinda sorta had a similar thing with this pregnancy. I had been having symptoms for a week before I went in to do a blood test. My blood test came back at 13 and then continued to double and then more than double. I must've had my blood drawn like the day after implantation even though I had been having symptoms for so long.

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Oh, and Congrats! Welcome to the club!

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Welcome and Congratulations :) I am glad your numbers are doubling and u/s are showing progress as well. I can't wait to hear about the next update :)

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I have had something like that, and ended up with a 7 week miscarriage and hemmorhage (just my history).  At first the pregnancy test was negative and I thought I was truly crazy.  Doctor inisited on blood work and sure enough.  HCG started doubling and I thought all was ok, but ended up losing the baby.  Doctor at first said it was a blighted ovum.  I never did get a straight answer because when I finally did miscarry, I was in the hospital for 4 days from the hemmorhage and it took me several months to recover.  


Its so strange how much we still don't know about our bodies.


I am sending good vibes/hopes/prayers and thoughts your way though!!  



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Update: had sono today again, which revealed a perfect 6wk5day baby, with a perfect 114 hb! Very happy. No idea how it happened, but I'm not complaining. Hopefully it sticks *fingers crossed* thanks for all the responses.
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Congrats, mama!  Must have been a scary wait.  Sticky vibes!

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Wow, what a mystery and great news!!

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Congrats!  That is great news!

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