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Baby Asher

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Baby Asher was born on Sept 21, 6 days before his due date.  In my opinion labor started on a Monday evening and didn't stop until he was born Friday morning.  The contx were 10 min apart all Monday night spaced out a bit Tuesday but were never more that 30 min apart and that pattern continued Tuesday night and Wednesday and Wednesday night by Thursday I was  exhausted as they had been too strong to sleep through the whole time however I had been able to sleep between them Wed night into Thursday so I wasn't totally trashed however I was mentally falling apart at that point so my midwife checked on me Thursday morning and then came back Thursday evening checked me I was a 3 stretchy to 5 and we started some homeopathic remedies and sent my kids to spend the night at my SIL's house. 


Something worked because they all the sudden  became effective around 6:30pm Thursday evening.  For me contraction are felt in my lower back and down the outside of my thighs and it is heat I feel and it gets hotter as I get closer to full dialation I never feel anything in the front.  Anyway by 9:30 I was fully dialated with a bit of a lip but baby's head was floating so we couldn't break my water as the midwife was concerned about the cord washing out.  At that point I had a pushing urge but couldn't get any progess made. After about 2 hours of this I started panicking and begging to be taken in for an epidural however my midwife was very cool headed and pointed out it would take at least 2 hours to get the epidural in with transport time and a bag a fluids being run.  Her logic worked but made me pretty mad. 


At this point I had kicked everyone out except my midwife and husband because I couldn't take the cheerleaders anymore I didn't want to hear I was doing great and could do this and my midwife saw that and started reflecting how I was really feeling back to me and it was so comforting.  The assistants were really great but when I'm in heavy labor I couldn't take anyone seriously that hasn't had a baby before and my midwife had and it made me feel validated when she said it does suck and hurts and burns that is what I needed to hear.  She had been calling another midwife for ideas on how to get the head engaged since by that point I had been fully dialated for 3 hours.  She wanted me to stand against a wall  and lift up on my belly.  I was completely unwilling to stand up at that point I was in H&K's and couldn't even fathom standing and walking to the wall.  She and my husband talked a blue streak for an hour before I caved.  They had to drag me over there as I could hardley even lift  my legs. They took me over by my closet which was a tight little space between the birth tub and my dresser and stood me up against the wall I had my arms around both their necks for support and just as the next contx started my midwife lifted up on my belly and bam my water exploded and his head dropped.  Even in the midst of all this I was laughing a bit in my head because they had walked me off all the pads and blankets and this was happening on carpet.


As soon as I felt his head drop I knew what to do and started pushing like a crazy woman I needed this over so bad I didn't care if I tore or anything.  I dropped to my H&K's and  I heard the midwife call for the assistants.  It was kind of a dark little corner so she asked one of them to get heart tones then said never mind the head is out.  One of the assistants lifted up my leg so she could get a better view and the body came sliding out.  I was shell shocked and couldn't stop crying.  She passed him between my legs and the way I was holding him my hand was on his privats so I knew he was a boy.  We made out way to the bed and he started nursing pretty quickly and had apgars of 9/10.  He was my biggest baby at 8lb 12oz 14 in head and 20 3/4 in long.


In retrospect I think my abdominal muscles where simply not holding him in a vertical position well enough for his head to descend so once my midwife held his body up he came down quickly.  It took me a while to process my birth but I am now so grateful that we were able to stay home considering this was a v-bac it is possible they would have just sectioned me had we transfered.  I did have a first degree tear on the perinium and skid mark all over but they are all healed up now.

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joy.gif congrats on your hbac!!
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Wow - I can only imagine how exhausted you felt after days of early labor. Congrats on your hbac!
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I'm two living children behind you, but I think there's something to multips (I'm not a grand multip, but you are by definition, right?) and VBACs and long latent labors. Mine was very similar though only 2 nights plus the night of birth, and I hear you on the physically and mentally exhausting thing. Unglued does not begin to describe one's mental state :)   


That is amazing how quickly baby came down with the belly lift!  I'm sure it was incredibly intense for you!  Congratulations, mama!!

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Wow that sounds so intense. I can completely relate about wanting only people who had given birth - and wanting your feelings (this hurts, burns, sucks) reflected back to you. My MW kept smiling at me and telling me how well things were going and how great I was doing, so I had to turn my face away from her and focus on DH only bc I felt like she didn't understand how much pain I was in and I didn't want to hear her positive thoughts!

I don't know how you dealt with the days and days of early labor or getting up to stand against the wall, but I completely bow down to you.
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Welcome baby Asher. Congrats on your HBAC Juicy.

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