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lump in arm

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My 12 year old DD just showed me a lump in her upper arm that she says "tickles" when I move it around. It seems disconnected, like a cyst. It is where the tendons and muscles are on the inside of the upper arm.

She started a beginners gymnastics class yesterday, and she is on day 4 of her menstrual cycle. (second cycle ever). Other than that, the only physical complaint I have is that she is cranky, but I think that is age-related. The kids are all healthy and mostly unvaccinated.

What type of doctor do I need to find? We have no physician here.

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I wouldn't think you would need any specialist at this point. I had a benign cyst removed from my arm around that age and my family practice doctor did it in his office. I have one on my jaw too but we are leaving it alone.


Maybe post in you local tribe for dr. suggestions.

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Go see a pediatritian or a family practioner.


YEs, it could be a cyst or lipoma...or not. Itdoes not worth the risk

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