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Dreaming ahead :)

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I was looking, and looking and I could not find a thread that discussed how people planned to tell their significant other when they finally get that BFP! Do you guys feel like sharing? 


I have not make up my mind yet. We tried for tried for about 7 months last year and just started trying again in July. I have put a lot of thought into how I will tell the hubby if the test finally comes back positive! There are so many different ways I can think of to tell him, that I just cannot decide what to do :)


I was thinking about buying a little onsie that says something about 'crazy about daddy' or something cute like that. I was going to put it into my husbands draw, with the positive test and a note saying 'see you on xxx' 

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my sister-in-law told my brother she was preggo by telling him to go look in the oven. when he opened it up there was a hot dog bun. he was very confused. she kept saying get it? get it? he finally figured it out... she had a bun in the oven smile.gif

thought that was pretty clever!
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omg too cute!!  


I just put our last BFP ınto a card that saıd "so excıted to start thıs journey wıth you."

hmm.  ı am goıng to have to really thınk about thıs one!!  ı hope more people wıll post theır ıdeas :))

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I'm thinking of changing the background of our computer and his phone to one of these shot of us together when I was pregnant with DD and then just see if he gets the hint, lol


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OMG joy.gifKitteh! Such a great idea- and I LOVE those picture. 


I like all of your ideas! Another thing I came up with was to cook dinner with 'baby' carrots and 'baby' back ribs. I don't know though if he would get it.... :)

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