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Seattle neighborhood advice

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My husband accepted a job in Seattle, and we'll be moving out there from NY. I need some advice re: neighborhoods, please!

We'd like a safe place for young kids, access to natural food stores, farmer's market, general "walkability"...close to the water, if possible, close to playgrounds/parks if we have a small/no yard.

DH will have to get to the airport fairly often for his job...so the neighborhoods I heard were great (Ballard, Green Lake, Wallingford) may not be an option....or is it not too bad from up there?

ANY suggestions are appreciated, mamas! Thank you smile.gif
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The airport is south of Seattle a good ways, in between Seattle and Tacoma. There is a light rail from downtown Seattle to the airport now. I wouldn't pick a neighborhood on how close the airport is since its not in the city. Ballard is a great neighborhood. Traffic is awful, on the top 10 list of worst traffic in the US. I suggest living close to your husbands job.

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Just to clarify, his job is a work from home arrangement with a good amount of travel (which is why I mentioned the airport, it's basically like his "office" in terms of commute.)

But I wouldn't think living so far down near the airport would be much fun...? It's important that I am in a good place with the kids when DH has to travel. I think this is going to be tough to decide! (especially doing most of the research online...we get 4 days for a house hunting trip.)
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maybe look at the current and upcoming tracks for the light rail that goes to the airport and get near to one of hte stops, then you can live farther up north is the more interesting and livable neighborhoods while making for a easy airport commute.  i have lived in cities and had suer easy access to the trains and i can say that it certainly improves life if you are a frequent traveler.  the airport light rail is relatively new in seattle, but it has set in stone expansion plans and i think some new lines opening up this year.

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Hi Beauchamp,


And welcome to Seattle. There are many beautiful things about this place including the abundance of parks, natural food stores and farmer's markets. The neighborhoods you mentioned are certainly best for schooling and accessibility to many other things, however, not on the airport's light rail. But these neighborhoods are one bus ride away from the light rail, most buses connecting to these neighborhoods converge in the city center where the light rail connects. While the buses are not as efficient as the NY subways, they do a decent job for transportation.


Another neighborhood to consider is Mount Baker in Southeast Seattle. It is a few blocks away from the Mount Baker light rail stop. Other than the rail stop, it is a great neighborhood with most of the features you are seeking except good schooling. So if your children are of middle to high school age I would forgo this option. I hope this helps and goodluck.

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