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Spotting around 10dpo

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Hello everyone. Me and my husband are ttc for just a month. And yesterday (10dpo) around mid day I experience very light brown spotting on my undies which is a size of a penny and its located on the upper part seperate from creamy white cm. So when i wipe the part of my clitoris ( sorry too bulgar but i need to explain properly) there's a creamy cm which is brownish like the spotting so i change my undies and no more spotting until at night experience mild cramping. When i wake up this morning the first thing i did is to check if i had my period ( actually today is wednesday and i m expecting it on saturday) but my undies is really clean. Am i pregnant , i m too excited for sat if i m going to miss my period and ha e a hpt redface.gif
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that sounds lıke the rıght tımıng for ımplantatıon bleedıng!!!!  YAY!!!  keep us posted :))joy.gif

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I will! Can't wait joy.gif. Thank you!!
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please help..today (thursday) when i am preparing for our breakfast i felt a discharged comes out and when i check my undies there is nothing but when i used wipes there's a lot of dark brown discharge. It scares me a lot and now experiencing bad head ache.. now i am controlling what will happened next and still no spotting as of this hour.. Is there a possibility i am not pregnant this month. i am still expecting my period on saturday om.gif

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dark brown ıs old. maybe some ımplantatıon bleedıng dıdnt make ıts way out? my perıod usually starts pınk and ends brown not the other way around.  you stıll mıght be dıd you test? you mıght be close enough for a bfp  thumb.gif ıd buy a few a try.  or just try to hold out untıl saturday!  know how hard that can be :)

stıcky baby vıbes!!goodvibes.gif

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thanks for the quick reply.. now i experience again a discharged but still dark brown. my husband suggest that i should visit now our doctor because he is worried that maybe it s an ovary problem because last night i experience a pain ( its like something is poking a needle) in my left side of lower abdominal. It really scares me now :(

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hmm. ı mıght call your gyn snd ask about ıt.  maybe she wıll know what could be up.  

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i already went to our family doctor and i have an appointment on saturday with a gynecologist. thanks for your concern. still hoping this brown discharged is still an early pregnancy symptoms.

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totally!  let me know how ıt goes!!  goodluck :)

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