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Antibiotics for ear infection?

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My little boy is 21 months and after a few weeks of being very clingy and unsettled I took him to the doctors. Turns out he has an ear infection and has been prescribed antibiotics. Problem I have is he is an extremely fussy eater - hated the whole starting solids and always refused to be spoon fed. He hates being given anything at the best of times but can occasionaly get some nurofen down him. Have tried 2 different flavours of antibiotics, tried mixing with his favourite apple and mango pot (he just spat it out and could taste the medicine), he shakes his head and spits out the medicine. I feel cruel holding him down to take it but even then I dont think he is really taking the full dose.

I was wondering if he can get over the infection without the medicine? I still breastfeed and his milk intake has really ramped up to the extent he was glued to me all night last night. He has no fever and is eating OK volume wise (the foods he does eat!)...

Personally I dont like taking antibiotics as I think they can sometimes weaken your immune system but I dont want my little boy to suffer as he cant really talk much so not sure how much pain he is in..

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My LO has had one ear infection and was breastfeeding as well.  Was prescribed antibiotics.  We used an herbal oil made of mullien, garlic and olive oil which cleared it up shortly. 


I hope your LO feels better soon. 

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Yes, children can get over ear infections without antibiotics. There are three types of ear infections, antibiotics can help with 1/3, may help with a second 1/3 (depends on if the infection type is viral or bacterial), and do not help with the last 1/3. I think a 'wait and see' approach, with things like the PP mentioned and chiropractic adjustments, should be taken before abx are tried. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/11/16/antibiotics.ear.infections/index.html


However, if he has already taken some of the abx, I believe he has to finish the course. From what I understand stopping the course of abx could make the infection worse. 


Can you talk to your doctor for any suggestions about getting him to take the abx? I know many children's medicines come in super sugary flavors, maybe that's what's throwing him off? You could also ask what stopping the dosage/ not getting the whole dose anyway would actually do.


I hope he feels better soon!

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