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Pelvic Pain

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I'm 29 weeks pregnant with baby Number 6. So I totally understand that my body will start to work a bit 'harder' then when it was baby number 1. 

Yesterday when I went to see my midwife, I told her that when pressed on my pelvis, I have alot of pain. When she was measuring me, even the slight pressure hurt like crazy. I mean hurt hurt hurt....like someone had punched me in the pelvic bone and I was bruised. For the rest of the night I had alot of pain in my pelvis. 

Midwife said it was completely normal....but oh my gosh! Has anyone else experienced this? She said something about cartilage separating....

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I can't really relate as well as this is my first pregnancy, but easily since about 25ish weeks (I'm almost 34 now) I've had pretty intolerable pelvic pain. It's mainly in my pubic symphysis, but anything like getting up from being seated, sitting down, laying down, and heaven forbid getting up from laying down - all agony. Trying to roll over at night, even with my legs tightly together and moving slowly and following all the guidelines on how to NOT aggravate your symphysis - it's essentially torture. I cry every night, every time I want to roll over, before I even decide to roll, because I know the pain is going to be excruciating. Even my chiropractor can't adjust me properly without making me cry.


So, not sure if we hurt in similar fashions or have similar causes, but I can sympathize with the pain!

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I had this with my second pregnancy and found that chiropractic care helped immensely! This time I started going to the chiropractor much earlier to ensure that I didn't have to suffer so much. Good luck!

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I second a chiro or osteopath. My sister just had the same issue, and only dealt with it the last month. She felt so much better after that.

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