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Talking to HR, Reassurance?

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A couple of weeks ago, I let my HR department know I'm pregnant. They said they didn't need to know, until/unless I got restrictions on lifting or something. So I went to my first appointment yesterday, and they said I'm not supposed to lift anything over 25 pounds, and gave me a note. I turned the note in yesterday to my supervisor, and he made a copy and gave it back. Later, he held me and another co-worker to stay back after our kick-off meeting, and said that because I'm on restriction, her and I would have to switch (she was supposed to be in gravity, which is smaller, lighter stuff, and I was supposed to be in the racks, which is heavier, bulkier stuff). Then he said I needed to come in early today to have a meeting with Human Resources. I'm not sure exactly what they want to talk about, but I just keep thinking worst-case scenarios, because I can't think what else they would want to talk to me about. greensad.gif I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing, and I'm not sure what to think about it.


Has anyone had any experiences similar, or know what they might need to have a meeting about? I've not worked during a pregnancy before, I don't have any experience with this. Thanks!

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I work in administrative, it could be they want to create a plan with you for your pregnancy. I am not sure where you are located but I believe pregnancy is a protected "disability" but federal standard (if not a LOT of states.)


Good luck and let us know how it turned out. hug2.gif

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