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I need some answers?

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I'm about seven months now. and I have no idea how she is sitting. One minute I will feel her kick really hard at my rib cage, than five minutes later I will feel a really hard kick down by my pubic bone, than over to the side of my stomach. She is a really active baby. I don't know if it's her punching and kicking, and she has the same strength with both? About twice to three times a day I will feel a lot of pressure and a big bump will appear in my stomach. Only ever on one side of my stomach, beside my belly button. Is that her bum? I'm a new mom to be to my first, I'm fairly small so it's easy to see where she is kicking. But I have no idea how to tell how she is sitting :(. In my last ultra sound, about two months ago, She was head down, but if I can feel hard kicks down below, is she flipping without me even knowing?.


Can anybody help me figure out my baby?.


Thanks, N3wM0mmy2B.

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How about hiccups? That has been my most reliable sign that this little one is head down since about 32 weeks. 


Also, the head will move individually from the rest of the body. So, if you feel a hard bulge that might be the head or the bum, try to sort of hold it. If you feel the whole baby move, it's probably a bum. If it sort of whips around or bumps without moving anything else, then it's prob. a head. 


I could tell a pretty def. difference between bum and head a bit after 32 weeks.

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When you get closer you will be able to feel if her head is engaged- I am trying to remember where to grasp but doing it without a baby in there I can't remember exactly. Try right above your pubic bone, you should be able to to feel a little ard noggin if baby is engaged.http://www.babyexpert.com/pregnancy/scan-checks/pregnancy-jargon-explained/1376.html

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spinningbabies.com should help you figure out positioning of your baby.

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I've had one breech and two vertex babies and there was a huge difference in the amount and type of movement I felt with my breech.  I really didn't feel a ton of movement with him.  Someone else I know whose baby was breech until shortly before birth said they had the same experience, so that might be more common with breech babies (at least frank breech ones, I'm sure footlings are a different story).  And I only felt hiccups a couple of times with my breech and felt them 3-4x/day down low with the others.  Also, with the breech for at least the last couple of months I could feel his hard head up near the fundus (although I never did figure out that he was breech, long story there).  If you're small you can probably find the head fairly easily if baby is not head down.  To me it kind of hurts when I push on the head, plus it's much firmer than the rest of the baby.  I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and this baby has been transverse for at least a month and I don't have any problem distinguishing between the hard head and the rest of the baby, so I would think you could find the head if baby isn't head down (but it seems like it might be harder to do if baby is head down, haven't had a chance to feel that yet).

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