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Postpartum Activity Levels?

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I think it was activealli who posted somewhere the other day about how terrible she'd been feeling until she resumed a regular exercise level.


DH seems to think I still ought to be (8 days pp) taking it really easy. He doesn't like finding out i've gone up and down the stairs too many times in a day and won't let me carry much of anything heavier than the baby. The things is, that means that he's doing almost everything around the house in addition to going back to work yesterday, and I'm going a little stir crazy. I'm a first time mom, so I don't know what's standard, and I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon, but I thought I'd hear from you all, too. 


Exercise? General moving about the house? Driving? (We have a pediatrician appt 45 minutes away tomorrow, but I can't imagine Thomas in the back seat alone yet, so my SIL is going to drive). How do you know what's too much?


I've been going by the lochia - if I bleed significantly more the next day, then I did too much. It may be arbitrary, but I have nothing else to go on. I don't feel terrible sore or anything. My scrape still stings when I pee, but I didn't tear at all. 

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Its a ymmv situation. Lochia is definitely a good indicator.

Just be mindful and watch how you feel smile.gif

I'm 2 weeks Pp and had a hemorrhage after birth and walked 2 miles yesterday.. And that was after spending the day with my 3 kids on public transportation and at gymnastics... However, I feel great. My activity level was much lower when I was first discharged. Gradually I started doing more as I felt better smile.gif
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My midwife says "pelvic rest" until a week after lochia stops. That means no exercise and no sex. I assume walking is fine.
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Im not a good indicator of what people should be doing. I am overdoing it and keep increasing my bleeding. I had excessive PP bleeding and I started running at 2 weeks, going to boot camp, ground working the horses, running on the treadmill, walking the dog. While mentally I feel better being so active, physically, Im exhausted. Im only getting 1-2 hours of sleep a day, not eating much at all because of my little girls very sensitive tummy, and working all day while taking care of Annabelle, and then also taking care of my son when the nanny isnt here and getting up with him at night. There are time I do feel dizzy and should slow down, but i dont because Im stubborn and overwhelmed! You should listen to your body and your doctor or midwife, and I really should take my own advice.... haha

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I had a csection so clearly a different situation but even given the surgery and stitches, at my 2 week follow up, my OB cleared me to walk up to a mile a day now and can build up to 3 or 4 miles over the next month. I can begin full exercise and running at 6 weeks. No lifting more than the baby in a car seat right now- but again, I have a major incision. I do lots of house work now and keep an eye on bleeding as a gauge as well.
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I took it super easy the first 10 days - moving around the house and nothing more.  After that I started 10 minute potty-walks with the dog, and then at 14 days a two mile round trip walk into town for a few groceries, but stopped for a break and an iced tea once I got into town.  Now at 3.5 weeks I'm doing relaxed walks of up to an hour and a half to two hours carrying the baby in a sling, with a light backpack. 

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I spoke to my midwife about this at our 1 week checkup. She wants me to be resting as much as possible for 2 weeks, stairs not more than twice a day, walking on level ground maybe 1/4 mile if someone else is carrying the baby, no chores. I even missed my boys' harvest celebration today because on top of the physical demands of getting out of the house the first time, it would have been such a big deal to have it be the first time the baby and I went to a school function. I'll be more up for that after two weeks!

Midwife said that by 4 weeks, I'm cleared for a yoga class (stretching on my own before then is fine), walking more around the neighborhood after 2 weeks, sex one week after bleeding is finished. She also recommended using the bleeding as a sign to pull back on any physical activity.
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For me, I was up and down stairs multiple times a day as soon as I got home (36 hours after birth), including carrying a laundry basket. I also have a 2yo who wants/needs to be carried, so I lift him at nearly 30lbs. As of Monday, so 1 week pp, I was back on full-time mom duty carting kids to and from school. I even tandem wore baby and 2yo into school yesterday. To be fair, though, I had NO tearing. I can imagine that sutures down there would make me do a lot less--and I know what it is like since #1 was 3 packs of sutures!  I definitely can feel it when I have had a busy day versus a restful one since my bottom and tailbone ache. I take that as a sign that I need to take it easy during the evening at try to head to bed early.

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I went for a nice long but slow walk today and it felt awesome. My bleeding has almost stopped, stitches aren't bothering me too much anymore and i feel really good emotionally and physically. I actually wanna go back to doing zumba sometime soon. I really miss it, now that i dont have a head stuck in my pelvis anymore smile.gif.
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Like monkeykeeper, I too had no tearing so that plays a large role in my activity level.

When I do too much my sciatica acts up, but that's always been an issue!
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I have been down since DS2's birth. I have a 2nd degree tear and sutures and they basically stop you in your tracks. Since I have been careful  though my bleeding is pretty minimal, even after moving around and going to the WIC office today, but any heavy exercise or sex is out of the question probably until past six weeks for me because it takes so long for my body to not feel broken after tearing...


Driving- I would hold off on driving for as long as you can, driving was uncomfortable for me last time but I tore even worse then so driving may be fine if you are still "in tact"

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Originally Posted by Princessjules View Post

Driving- I would hold off on driving for as long as you can, driving was uncomfortable for me last time but I tore even worse then so driving may be fine if you are still "in tact"

I drove at 2 days pp this time, and last time with about 6 stitches at a week pp. It definitely was not fun driving, though, after my first when I had loads of tearing.

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I was told stairs only when absolutely necessary for the first 5 days.  I could take our 0.6mi evening walk starting 1 week pp.  No lifting anything heavier than baby (thus not my older kids or laundry, etc) till 2 weeks out. 


I spent the first 3 days mostly in our bedroom.  I went down for dinner with my family on day 2.  I spent more time downstairs for days 4-5.  I'm 8 days out and slowly getting back into things.  We did the walk as a family last night, and today I went to the park with DH, DD2, and baby, did a bit of a Girl Scout meeting for DD1, and did our after dinner walk tonight.  My bleeding is already SUPER light, and slowly regaining my activity feels good.  The weather is beautiful here and it felt great to be out in the sun today.


DH goes back to work on Monday, so I'll have all 3 kids solo then.  I'm planning to slowly do more and more between now and then so next week isn't such a big jump.

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i has a tear, i decided no stitches, but i would have to keep my knees together and no stairs and car only if necessary.

my whole girly region is still sore.  i'm thinking mostly muscle related.   but it still hurts to sit down, i'm still bleeding, so i keep all activity to a minimum.  i'll be very happy when i can tackle our hill and go for walks

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