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Rowdie. shes so adorable! Thanks for the pic!


Sorry ladies...After all that whining about missing our DDC I up and disappear! LOL

Busy, busy lately...

Yes, I think Dodi is teething also..but she had about a week of fussing and not sleeping (up and down, up and down.) and then one morning I woke up and I was like "whoa - where did my baby go?"
She went from fitting in a size 2 disposable diaper (I've been cheating off and on the last month since the camping trip. LOL...I love CD'ing, but I am just now officially caught back up on laundry since Sukkot!!) to a size 3 fitting rather snug well.

She got HUGE.

So then she really took off on the crawling and sitting up now (barely sitting up well) and I feel bumps on her gums.

She is crawling and trying to stand. I keep pulling her down (I don't want another walking baby...) She will be 6 months on the 9th. :(


Thank you FM. It does make sense!

I will start Nov chat thread.