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Ask a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Expert

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a prenatal and postpartum health, fitness and exercise specialist. Ask me your questions on this topic. I'm here to help!


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Hi. I have abt 5 weeks to go give or take and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do to lose my baby weight. This is #3 for me, and the weight came on all to easily bc I was just so hungry this pregnancy. Anyway, my availability to go exercise out of the house is non-existent and I generally need a lot of motivation o work out, even though I enjoy it. I am def out of shape and have been too tired (I know exercise helps with that) to do anything consistent at this point. I rely do want to start though ad soon as I get the clearance. I love DVD work outs and am searching for the best postnatal workout, that's geared towards moms who are not exercise buffs. I like anything from step aerobics to yoga, but have a very hard time with Pilates.

Can you recommend the best DVD workouts that you know of?
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Taking care of a new born is a fairly sedentary lifestyle, especially if you don't have help. So to speed postpartum weight lose, you'll need to eat great; a high quality diet in the correct amount, as well as exercise at home.

Because I am a producer of a postpartum DVD, I'm not allowed on this forum to recommend it to you. But if you Google my screen name, you can find it easily.

I suggest that you get several DVDs. A few that focus on aerobic exercise (low impact) and a few that tone. That way you'll have lots of variety and are less likely to get bored.

For diet, follow the Three 80% Rules. This is a "no-diet" way of learning to eat better and lose weight without deprivation or hunger.

1. Serve yourself just 80% of what you would put on your plate.

2. Stop eating when you feel 80% full.

3. Make 80% of your food choices super-high in quality.

Two more tips:

To ward off hunger, eat food that require a lot of chewing as these dense food take up a lot of bulk and make you feel fuller faster and for longer. A great book on this subject is "Volumetics."

Eat dinner off a lunch plate.


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Thanks for your recs I will look into them. Dieting while nursing had always been too hard for the first year bc thank gd my babies r nursing champs and they eat a lot! I have various allergies and unfortunately cannot have whole grains, fruits or nuts, the super foods that can help many pp. but I will give the 80% thing a shot!!! My husband and I have actually been very conscious of chewing food as much as we can before swallowing and have noticed a big difference in how we feel. I can't say I've been paying much attention in the last few weeks wink1.gif but that can def help. Thanks!
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