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Going back to work?

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I guess I'm searching for validation or for someone to talk me down from the ledge lol.gif


I am 2w1d PP.  I had a traumatic birth- PP hemorrhage, lost a good deal of blood, became severely anemic and had to have two blood transfusions.  I was very weak for my first week but have gradually improved and my hemoglobin level 5 days ago was 11.2- almost doubled what it was before!  I honestly feel great.  My lochia has nearly stopped within the past few days (tiny bit of dryish brown spotting left).  Baby is sleeping 3 hour stretches at night and has a sort of sleep/wake schedule.


I've really been taxing my body this past week- yet still feel great.  Cleaning my house, cooking (actual!) meals, laundry (running up and down 3 flights of stairs multiple times with laundry in tow), and taking all THREE children on public transportation 3 days out of the week.  And homeschooling stuff.  Taking walks with the kids. Life goes on, yk?


That said.. I was planning on returning to work on 12/1.  Now I'm contemplating on returning on 11/1.  I'll be 6 weeks, as opposed to 10.  I honestly feel like I could go back sooner but if I need medical release there's no way I'd get it.  Also.. my job does it's scheduling online through a website-program.  People can drop their shifts- anyone can pick them up.  I'd quite frankly love to pick up one or two a week until I go back to 30-40hrs/wk!  Just to get back into the swing of things.  My MIL has been begging to come watch the kids and the baby, and I have a baby who willingly takes bottles, a freezer with a few days of milk in it, and a breastpump.  My job is not that demanding in the current season.  I'm a tourist photographer- it's not tourism season, and we're not that busy.  Take photos, print photos, sell photos, and do pretty much nothing in between each of those things.  


And money is tight without my income.  Sufficient, absolutely.  But with holidays and birthdays (two december girls!) and winter heating expenses coming up- I'd love to start working sooner.  I think working would be less stressful (on both my husband AND myself) than getting our heat shut off, no?

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If you think you can manage go for it! My hangup would be the MIL.. just remembering your issues with her in the past!
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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

If you think you can manage go for it! My hangup would be the MIL.. just remembering your issues with her in the past!

Yeah, I do agree... but she has come around and is really our only option for childcare regardless of how soon I go back.  


I have been reading things online all morning, including this: http://theleakyboob.com/2010/12/a-time-to-heal-a-look-at-postpartum-recovery/ .. but nothing really resonates with me.  I get it, I do.  We are supposed to listen to our bodies.  But what if mine is telling me differently?  Do I just abandon that trust?  I feel like I might lose my mind if I stay at home- after working full time for so long, and not doing so for a month.. it's a huge adjustment to be a SAHM.  And then there is that monetary benefit...

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OMG. The thought of returning to work and leaving my baby makes me break out in hives. I am dreading it and I don't have to return until next August!  I am jealous of strong moms who can do it without having major anxiety.

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I am mentally ready To go back to work. I promised to check my email once per day but lately that once has crept up to an hr of work at 5 weeks pp. And frankly some days my work job seems less daunting than newbie + 3 year old solo. wink1.gif so I can see what you are saying. But I am fortunate in that my leave is paid, so I am just taking what I get.
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I think easing into work starting at 3-4 weeks is fine...depending on how long a shift is...but doing 1-2 a week seems fine.   IMO, the main thing is making sure breastfeeding is well established and you have a good milk supply.


I think it is also important to keep those "stay in bed for 6 weeks" idea with your individual situation in mind.  On that blog, she talks about the importance of staying home and resting for emotional health, but for me, staying home that long and not being out in society and around other people would definitely  make me depressed.   I don't WAH, but I basically got right back into regular, SAH, homeschooling life at 1-2 weeks.  I think just "resting" for 6 weeks would really be hard for met and I get super antsy and bored. 

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