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Mamas of Multiples

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I figure we should maybe start a side thread for the mamas having multiples. I know our experience is much different than those in the singleton world.

A bit about us...
We are having triplets and are due on May 17th. They will obviously be born around a month sooner. My doctor highly recommends the multiples book by Dr. Barbara Luke and would like me to follow it exactly (I don't even know how to eat as many calories as are recommended!). Also, I am going on bed rest by my 20th week.
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Congrats on the triplets! That is so exciting. I thought for the first few weeks I was having twins but nope! There is also a pregnant with multips in the parenting multiples forum.

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Hiya, I guess I'm joining here and probably will be checking out the other general thread too. Found out at my first appointment that we are having twins, they are di/di (high risk OB is going to confirm, but my OB was very confident) so that's good. I'm still processing everything, but I'm definitely warming up to the idea now as I'm going to have three kids instead of two. Even though we planned to only have two, I'm also pretty excited to have one extra smile.gif We were completely surprised, I had no feelings and no idea that anything was different. Sure, I was showing sooner, but that's normal for a second pregnancy.

I'm going to check out that book your doctor recommended Lisedea! Congratulations on your triplets.
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