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Charlie horse!

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Im 38 weeks pregnant, and I have been having such bad Charlie horses in my hips that I can hardly walk at night. It seems to coincide with bh and low baby movement. Does anyone k ow how to help this?? Thanks!
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I've hard bananas help.. But I have no experience :/ Hope they get better for you!!
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My midwives have me taking a Calcium-Magnesium supplement (the Thorne version of Cal-Mag Fizz).  You just put a scooper-ful in water and take it a couple of times a day.  Apparently it's the low calcium in your body (baby's taking it all for bone building) that causes them.

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I have the weirdest advice but I swear it has worked for me this pg. My previous to pg's I had horrible Charlie Horses in my calves that would wake me in the middle night screaming in pain. I tried bananas, cal-mag drinks, stretching, but nothing helped. This pg I had two about 2 months ago and decided to take my grandpa up on the advice he gave me. He told me that for years now he has been sleeping with a bar of soap beneath the sheets by his legs and his leg cramps have been "cured." I tried it and lo and behold I have not had a single Charlie Horse since..and that was about 2 months ago. I haven't brought it up with my midwife yet to see what she thinks and my husband asks me every few weeks or so if "this really works?" to which I respond, "Haven't woken up in the middle of the night screaming in pain, have I?" If it's a placebo effect I don't care!


Take a look at this to read more.

Mothering › Groups › October 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Charlie horse!