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Bleeding but BBT still above coverline

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This is my second cycle since my 20 month old DS was born. My luteal phases are usually around 12 days. This month, I have no idea what is going on. On 8 DPO I started bleeding. At first I thought "great! implantation bleeding" but as the day progressed, the flow got heavier. Definitely period like. Today is the same, period like bleeding. But the thing is my BBT hasn't dropped. Usually my temp will fall and then I'll get my period. But this time I start bleeding way earlier than expected and my temp doesn't fall?


Any ideas as to what is going on? (Oh and my last cycle I had a 10 day luteal phase, still a little short, but I am still nursing, so not out of the realm of normal).

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I had a random cycle where my bbt stayed above coverline for 4 days after af arrived. I was also nursing and had not had many cycles yet.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reply. I thought my temp was going down yesterday, but today it's up again. Today is day four since I started bleeding. It's so annoying because I want to make sure I'm not pregnant since I'm going to a football game and would like to be able to drink if I'm not pregnant, but this ambiguity is killing me. I keep reading online about decidual bleeding, and I would feel awful if I drank while pregnant. But TTC and then getting your period is a bummer, but now this high temperature thing might spoil a potentially much more fun weekend. Plus if I don't drink any everyone will totally think I'm pregnant when I know I'm probably not.
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Well, it's actually recommended to avoid alcohol when you are TTC. I recently read that in a natural fertility book. And since you think you might be pregnant, just have fun with non-alcoholic beverages - if your goal is for health - then recommendation would be filtered water, but that's your decision.  I don't understand how alcohol = fun? Grew up with alcoholics for parents, not fun for me.

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I've had a few cycles that I've had a high temp through AF, particularly in those first few postpartum cycles when hormones are still adjusting.  It gradually dropped down below my coverline as AF slowed.   Have you tested?  I totally understand wanting to enjoy yourself and relax today- if your test is negative and bleeding continues, I would certainly have a drink or two.  hth!

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Have you taken a pregnancy test?

That actually happened to me last cycle.  My temps were still up after my "period" was done.  I actually was pregnant, but it was ectopic. ...and what I thought was a very normal period, was just early pregnancy bleeding.

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I had bleeding that I thought was my period when I was actually pregnant with my daughter. It might be a good idea to take a test. It could be you are pregnant or it could be your bbt is just taking a while to drop. If you test negative and have a few drinks and turn out to be pregnant, though, I really don't think alcohol at this stage would have any impact. The only impact it could really have so early is an effect on implantation. 

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