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Question for those with deaf children.

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hi! I'm thinking of writing a story about a couple who have a daughter, who is a genius in the right brain, and a deaf son. I was wondering if any could kindly, if they want, share how and when, they figured out that their son/daughter was deaf? Thank you.

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Also, once a toddleris diagnosed as deaf, what kind of services/therapies should she/he get?

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Most kids are identified at birth through the newborn hearing screen. They fail that test, and then go on to get a test called an ABR, that tells exactly how much hearing loss. They then are fitted for hearing aids, and begin getting visits at home, through early intervention, from a teacher of the deaf and a speech language pathologist. The parents can choose to learn sign language and use that, choose a spoken language path or a little of both. If the child has a severe to profound hearing loss, and the parents want a spoken language outcome, they would very likely choose to get the child one or two cochlear implants, around the child's first birthday. The child would probably receive auditory verbal therapy, and would learn to listen and speak, and be caught up to hearing kids by about age 6.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Does an audiologist does the ABR test?

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Yes, they would be sent to a pediatric audiologist, generally at a children's hospital.

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Z was diagnosed by 3 months...She failed her test as a newborn. .  She is profoundly deaf.  Hers is caused by a genetic disorder called  Connexin 26.


You can watch some good movies about deaf children on Netflix.  "Your Name I Jonah" is SO old, but pretty good.  I liked "Sound and Fury".  It helps to understand the deaf community, and how opposite they can be.  Some families choose cochlear implants, and some are vehemently against them.  It's good to see how both sides deal with it.


As a side note... Z got implants on her first birthday.  It was a horrible, awful  year.  BAD year.  Living nightmare.. that video you see on youtube of a baby hearing his mom's voice for the first time?  It wasn't like that.  


But, at the age of five, she is in a special school where they learn to speak, and hear, and use no sign language... and she's doing very well.  She's not my child, or i'd post a video of her singing.  But, she is doing well.  If you'd have asked me during the first 12 months if it was worth it, i'd have said "no".  But, now I'd say yes.

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My brother is 40 so I can give a perspective for what it was like "back then."  My mom thought he just didn't listen.  She brought him to the doctors and got his hearing checked.  My brother was around 3 I think.  The doctor took a piece of paper and put it in front of his mouth and asked my brother if he would like a sucker.  My brother didn't respond.  He then moved the paper and asked again.  My brother said yes he would like the sucker.  That is how my parents found out that my brother is mostly deaf.  He has a hearing aid now.  Back then there wasn't as much help as there is now.  My brother was put in normal schooling but there wasn't that many services and he was teased.  In his 20's he learned to sign and is now married to someone who is deaf and she has 3 deaf children.

I there are deaf people who are against getting help because they are more like a community and you should embrace being deaf.  It is almost like they are turning their backs on the deaf community. It is like fixing something that isn't wrong.  It is who they are.  I have heard about that from my brother and his wife but I don't know much about it.  Perhaps there is someone more informed on it than me.

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Here is a video of kids from my daughter's deaf school. They were all born deaf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Il1oGFsiVY

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