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I'm back! (well, kind of....)

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I'll actually be joining the June 2013 DDC....but I just had to pop in and update you all, since you were so amazingly supportive of my miscarriage last month.


My miscarriage was early and complete without any complications - so our midwife gave the go ahead to try again as soon as I ovulated. Well, I ovulated ridiculously quickly....and I'm pregnant again!!!


This is such a wonderful blessing. I'm scared, naturally...but so, so, SO grateful. Not even excited yet - just grateful that my body was able to get pregnant again.


Hope you're all well and navigating the first trimester without too much issue!

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Congratulations SweetMama!  That is incredible!  Wow!  So glad to hear you are going forward and doing well.  Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy and let us know how things continue to go for you!



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Wonderful news!!! Congratulations :)

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Such a wonderful blessing! Congratulations. smile.gif

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Congratulations! Thanks for letting us know smile.gif
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Congratulations. We got pregnant with DS1 just 6 weeks after our m/c, and it did really help take some of the edge of the loss for us, as we were able to move forward into a new pregnancy.

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Wow!  Great news!  Thanks for letting us know! 

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OMG SweetMama, that is amazing! Congratulations!!!


I am currently going through a miscarriage :(. Doing natural approach and hoping it will resolve quickly without need for intervention. Hope I can join you in bouncing back quickly!

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Congrats. :) :)

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Oh wow, congratulations!

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Yaywelcomeback.gif you will never forget the baby that you lost, but you will (hopefully) get to enjoy meeting this baby and be thankful for all the blessings that this child will bring you and your family!


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SweetMama that's such great news! love.gif Feel free to pop in here anytime, you are always welcome.

Sending you sticky baby and healthy baby vibes!!!
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I'm so happy for you. Take good care of yourself!! joy.gif
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Congrats sweetmama!

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This is what happened to me, concieved straight after my last miscarriage.. so pleased for you and hoping for a complete pregnancy for you xxx

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