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What herbs for hormonal balancing/PMS?

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What herbs can I take to balance my hormones and help with PMS while breastfeeding?  Ever since my period came back after my last baby was born 15 mo. ago my hormones have been way out of whack and PMS is HORRIBLE!  I am sure it doesn't help that I am OLD (42) *LOL* And FWIW, I do not take birth control and won't.



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This thread is a WEALTH of knowledge... and cured my full-on PMDD.  redface.gif




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You will need to cross-check these to make sure they're safe for breastfeeding, but here is a list of herbs that are known to be VERY helpful for PMS: 



  • Black cohosh
  • Wild yam
  • Lemon balm
  • Burdock
  • Chasteberry
  • Chromium
  • Don quai
  • Maca


This article has more on herbal relief for PMS: 

Herbal treatments for PMS — feeling good the whole month through

Hope this helps! 
~ Jacqueline

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I had a really nasty reaction with Maca only to find out that it's not uncommon just not the norm. In fact, I found a woman that YouTubed about her journey.  Apparently it toyed with the testosterone levels.  For me, it not only made things WORSE, but I got wicked acne at my jaw line (painful) around that time.


I don't have any input on the rest, but I always feel the need to share my Maca experience just because you don't generally hear about them.  It may be fine for you, but if things aren't going well--keep that tucked away for use as needed.  Of course, stopping the Maca ended the problem and it wasn't like it was long before it appeared to be out of my system--so that's a plus.

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It's not an herb but I'm finding a reduction of my symptoms by taking high dose vitamin B every day.

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In my herbal studies and personal experience I have been finding that instead of going for strong "drug-like" herbs to "fix" your hormones, it is much more effective to work on you gastrointestinal tract and liver first, which really help to nourish your endocrine system. Using gentle food-like herbs can really help you nourish all of these areas at once. 


A beautifully nutritive tea blend that is essentially food would be

-dandelion root - 1 part- a great liver ally and helpful for your kidneys as well.

-burdock root - 1 part- wonderful for the liver, skin, hair, you name it. Full of vital nutrients and moistening.

-oatstraw and milky oat tops -2 parts- mildly sweet with nervous system and adrenal nourishing capabilities.

-licorice root - 1/2 part- gently hormone regulating and sweet tasting.


This tea blend should be taken over time and doesn't have to be every day, but a couple cups of the blend a day would be lovely. A cup or two of the blend covered with boiling water in a quart jar and left to sit over night would be divine! Honey to taste can also be added. All of these herbs can be ordered in bulk from www.mountainroseherbs.com. All herbs would be great and gentle on baby too!


Take care and good luck!



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