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Help me! Craving shrimp and I'm vegan...

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This happened with DD#1 also, I absolutely HAD to have shrimp. Before I became vegan 10 years ago, I ate a ton of shrimp. Shrimp cooked anyway in anything omg it was good. (Also crabcakes but that was because I lived for a time on marylands eastern shore, you have to love crabcakes to live there).Anywho, last pregnancy I craved shrimp.... and caved. After dd was born though, just the thought of eating shrimp would make my stomach turn. Fast forward to today. I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and omg those shrimp commercials on TV from red lobster and the others are looking so damn good I want to send hubby out to get some. Just the thought of eating scampi, fried, baked, broiled shrimp is making my mouth water.

What do I do? I know shrimp isn't healty, and they used to be living beings, but I'm ashamed to admit my taste buds right now don't care and I want some! Do I cave and send hubby out to get some or just hold off.... mmmm.... some Delmarva crab cakes would be good too... with tartar sauce....

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Wow, thats a toughie! I was a vegetarian for a number of years for ethical reasons. My ethics didn't change, but my body had to have meat So, I know the moral dilemma you're going through here. It comes down to whether or not you can compromise your ethics for the time being and let your body have what it's telling you it wants/needs. Shrimp, I never had a problem eating because they're a free-range food, they aren't given injections of chemicals to make them grow abnormally large (like chicken for example) and they aren't exactly an intellegent species. I've never heard of seafood being unhealthy, maybe someone can enlighten me on this.

At least you're not craving what I was during the first trimester: prime rib.
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Shrimp are actually fairly high in cholesterol, which is one of the reasons so many people in Louisiana have heart disease. It's also got lots of good stuff in it, like lean protien.

Anyway: I went vegetarian about 3 months before I concieved NewBean, and after I concieved desperately craved meat of any kind. I posted about it in the Healthy Eating forum and most people answered my heart's desire and said, basically, to eat what I wanted while I was pregnant.

Your body craves these things for a reason, even if it's not readily apparent to us. I was(am) pregnant and nursing and I needed more protien than I was able to get from non-animal sources. Right now, I'm desperate for (get this) anchovies and ben & jerry's. I'd do just about anything for a double-anchovy pizza and a pint of Cherry Garcia right now... :LOL

Eat your shrimp and enjoy them. Your body knows better than your brain!
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Your body needs elevated cholesterol to grow a healthy nervous system in your baby, so maybe your diet it too low in it and that is why you are craving? Makes sense when you think about what stage you are at in your pg/what is developing in your baby right now.
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Well I've been veggie for 25 years and I have been craving....HAMBURGERS!!!!! Fast food ones, too!!!

Bleah, what is my body thinking???? I have compromised by eating some fish and even free-range organic turkey a couple of times, but those hamburgers are still calling me.... shudder
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I was going to say what mattjule did -- that pg women don't have to worry at all about high cholesterol.

I was a vegetarian for five years, and didn't eat red meat for seven. When I got pg, I absolutely HAD TO HAVE a hamburger. I gave in because I really HAD TO HAVE IT. (And I don't even like hamburger.)

I had similar cravings in the first tri of this pregnancy -- guess I must have needed the iron/protein.
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i am doing doula work now for a woman in the hospital at 27.5 weeks, vegetarian and looking as cesarean delivery for preeclampsia. she had a very hard time eating enough protein, and now she's in crisis.

please listen to your body. if you are really craving shrimp, don't sacrifice your baby (another living being) for veganism.

carrots are living organisms, too. there are many levels of awareness and consciousness. maybe you could talk to a spiritual advisor to get another view on this...

but if you were my client, i'd advise you to listen to your cravings... your body is very wise, and ignoring it can be dangerous.

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I'm normally vegan when I'm not pg, but I just can't do it when pg (the cravings, the m/s, etc.) so I personally go ovo-lacto (and I'm fine with it).

Have you tried the Veet "salmon"? I know it wouldn't taste like shrimp, but it's the "fishiest" meat analog I can think of, and I really, really like it. (Absolutely vegan, too.)

Water, have you thought about Boca burgers? I know they are not certified non-GMO, but they taste pretty "real" to me, and you might think a Boca burger would be a better choice than a hamburger, maybe?
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I was vegan before I got pg with my first. About 3 months into the pregnancy I started craving beef stroganoff (childhood fav.) Well, I gave into the craving, b/c I had heard that your body needs whatever it is craving. I was concerned that my body would reject the meat and dairy, but it didn't. I went from vegan to eating a ton of Ben & Jerry', mac n cheese and buffalo burgers! My youngest is still nursing, but not very much (her choice) and I still eat meat and dairy. Although, we eat plenty of tofu and rice & beans as well.
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Well, I caved, I went to Outback Steakhouse, had some crabcakes and grilled shrimp and a beautiful crisp salad and I was in heaven! Never been to Outback Steakhouse, was amusing, I lived in Sydney for a few years so I got a small chuckle over everything in the resturant. Great service and great food!

Now I'm just holding off puking! My morning sickness is in full force still, but I think I'll be able to hold it off. Damn that was good food!
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Good for you I really think that we have these cravings for a reason too. Also, you need lots of protein when pg so shrimp is good for you. I think it's good for you normally too, but I'm not vegan and believe that meat, poultry, and seafood are good for you (in moderation) even when not pg
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me too!

i've been vegetarian for the vast majority of my life but i had some crab enchiladas the other night with dinner....and mussel appetizers! usually the thought of eating a creature that was once alive really makes me feel sick, but i craved seafood throughout my last pregnancy and it's started again this time. it's definately comforting to know i'm not alone. i also figure, if it doesn't bother me at the time, i'm not going to make myself stress over it.
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if it makes you feel any better, normally (naturally raised, organic) meat-loving me is completely put off by the stuff, at 10 weeks. somebody handed me a shrimp skewer at a barbeque the other day, and i had to go find someone to take it, i was so grossed out. so, somewhere in the world there's a preggo mama not eating what you are uncharacteristically craving--it all evens out!

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mmmmmmm, Outback Steakhouse! That sounds sooooo good. I always joke that Lucy is made out of Outback steaks, because I craved them soooooo bad when i was pregnant with her, and we ended up there a lot. (Pre-pregnancy I was a vegetarian.)

This time, it's red meat again. I want burgers and steaks, and LOTS of them! I am trying not to give in, and just eat it a few times a week, but I swear I could eat beef at every meal. (The vegetarian in me is screaming, "Ewww! No!!!" But it's true.)
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I take real comfort in seeing all the veggies coming out and confessing that we are craving something we normally wouldn't eat. I feel so much better in knowing that I'm not alone in this.
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I am not vegan, but I eat a lot of Boca burgers. They taste nothing like beef (but they are quick and I'm lazy).

Now I want some shrimp, too...
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Water, have you thought about Boca burgers? I know they are not certified non-GMO, but they taste pretty "real" to me, and you might think a Boca burger would be a better choice than a hamburger, maybe?
Oh, I'm not going to actually eat a hamburger, I think it's more the idea. I realize that I get the cravings when I do need more protein, so I will eat fish or turkey or something else high protein.
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Joining in late, but I also want to say that I was vegan for 10 years when I got pregnant, and decided early on that my body is very wise and that I'm going to listen to it. I ended up eating some organic chicken one day, and started on dairy. I did it because my baby needed it, and she was telling me in a big way! Good for you for giving your body and your baby what it needs.

I don't think this makes you a non-vegan/vegentarian. I called it a pregnant pause in my usual diet....
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"A pregnant pause in my usual diet"

I LOVE that!

I am veggie too and craved meat with this pregnancy. I refuse to give in to red meat and chicken but have been eating fresh fish we buy at the docks. I plan on going back to veggie again after I have this baby. I did the same thing with my first and thought fighting the fish cravings were harder than giving in to them. After I gave birth, I didn't want the stuff anymore.

It's kind of like Phoebe on Friends when she was pregnant with the triplets. She was craving meat and started eating it but Joey gave it up to balance it all out. I am sure there are enough preggo ladies in the world who are turned off by it and eat veggie for their pregnancy that the world is still in balance by those of us taking a pregnant pause
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Another veggie mama enjoying the pregnant pause!

I was lacto-ovo vegetarian pre-pregnancy and early in my pregnancy I started MAJORLY craving fish. It's been a conflict for me...I really don't feel good emotionally eating it but physically...I feel like I really need it!

I have been going to the fish market once a week....last Friday I bought shrimp. Since you are eating shrimp now...I might as well tell you about this yummy recipe (warning VERY RICH...a once-in-while treat)...


Curry shrimp over rice

Saute shrimp and garlic in butter/oil for a few minutes. Add small container of 1/2 and 1/2 (whole milk would probably be fine too) a little wine and let simmer and thicken. (I also added parmesean cheese for the ultimate in decadence. : ) Stir in curry powder to taste.

Cook rice.

When rice is almost ready add raisins and sliced apple (I prefer granny smith).

Yummy with asparagus on the side.

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