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DS not consuming much milk while im away...

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so up ubil recently ds and i were on track with the whole pumping and working routine.  he took a bottle like a champ, and largely preferred his milk to solids, etc.  i was pumping just about at the same rate he was consuming.  the past 2x weeks though, have been very different.  now he wont take any milk while at daycare.  (about 5 hours).  he solid food consumption has not increased.  I am pumping about 2-3x as much milk as he is consuming, on a daily basis.  i've never had an oversupply, so i don't imagine that's it.  i have started gentle exercise on a regular basis.  can that increase supply?? i'm confused and a bit concerned that he isn't getting as much nutrition as he should be... that said, at his last visit he was 18lbs and had grown 3 inches from his last check up, so he's not exactly withering away...advice??

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Is he eating more at night? I noticed that once we got into a daycare routine Edie started nursing much more seriously at night (though not in the evening or morning anymore, which is weird). She eats about the same amount at daycare, but we haven't started solids yet. It might just be that he's getting more out of each nursing session?
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prettyisa--he nurses pretty often at night, usually 4-7x/night--which is why he sleeps with me! he's almost 20lbs now, so he's not withering away by any means, and I can only assume he knows what he wants when he wants it.  i've noticed even on the weekends when i am home, he prefers more solids in the morning, then more milk in the evening, perhaps because i'm usually home in the evening?? i only work 2 evenings/week. his food is all homemade, so at least he's eating good stuff, and he usually takes about 6oz milk with about 2 servings of food while he is at school.  (5 hours long) then he ups the milk and eats one or 2 more servings of food when we are home in the evening.  


how's edie doing with the adjustment? has your night nursing settled down??  

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Honestly, she couldn't care less. It was upsetting when we would go and pick her up and she'd giggle and flirt with the director of the daycare WHILE WE WERE HOLDING HER. She hardly even looked at us. Hmpf. Other than back-to-back colds (please, god, let that be it for a while!) she seems to love it. She's always been pretty social, so I think having all the big kids to watch is tons of fun for her. Night nursing seems to be levelling off at once fairly early (sometimes before we get in bed, sometimes around midnight) and once in the middle of the night, plus waking up at 6:15 no matter what and nursing until she falls asleep in bed with us. It's not terrible, but I miss the sleep-through-the-night baby I had gotten used to.

I think he's probably doing just fine--maybe he's getting more from the solids, maybe you're making more milk than he needs? But 5 hours isn't too long to go between feedings, if he's eating right before and right after, and he'd definitely let you know if he was hungry, right?
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I have the opposite concern (he eats 20-24 oz while at daycare for 8 hours).

I would guess that if he's still peeing, happily eating whil with you, etc., all is well. Any updates?
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rosie, WOW, thats a lot of milk! Yesterday I worked 10 hours, and he drank 4oz of milk... :(  it's not always that bad, but that made me sad.  i think part of this is constipation related, even though I am diligent about giving him foods that promote GI movement, like plums and pears, and I limit or eliminate anything that could be constipating him.  now i'm upping his water intake a bit, and hoping that helps him.  but the 4 oz really did concern me.  he needs more liquids.  maybe its a self perpetuating cycle.  he wont consume much milk, which leads to constipation, which reduces he desire to consume milk... ugh. we are still working on it though.. thanks for asking..

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rosie that is how much my DS would take in during an 8 hr time frame. it is a lot but kids are on a spectrum for sure. DD doesnt come close to taking in the same amt as ds did.

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