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Infected Stitches

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I think my stitches are infected. This morning when I went to the bathroom my pad stunk! it was AWFUL... And there seemed to be like a greenish tinge on some of my pad... I know that's gross and it could be my imagination but I was wondering if any one has had this ever? Here is what I have done already. I laid down and sprayed C Silver down there and aired out for several hours I have also been putting grapefruit seed extract in my peri bottle when I use the restroom. Does any one else have any advice? I am not in a ton of pain and they feel better after I aired out but they are definitely irritated...

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Have you been taking your temperature regularly? I would do at-home treatments like you are doing until I had a fever, then I would seek medical treatment. That said, I would mention it to my midwife, regardless.
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I agree, monitor your temperature and continue doing what you're doing... call your provider at the first signs of fever though.. could be a uterine infection.. I don't know that a tear alone would cause a stinky pad.


You could also get in and take a peek with a mirror and see how they look if it would ease your mind.


How's your lochia? About where it should be for how many days PP you are?

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I would suggest calling your care provider right away.  What you are describing deserves attention on his/her end as well.  It would be worthwhile to have them evaluate and offer advice. 

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I called my MW yesterday but she hasn't had a chance to call me back. I don't have a fever and my lochia is pretty light. I have been changing pads early and often so I am not sure exactly how much I am having but if I tried to fill one up I think it would be one or less a day, but as I said, I change them often, every couple of hours or so. I am not 100% sure how much I should be having that was another thing I was going to check with my MW. I will call her again later this morning but since I don't have  a fever I don't want to call right away unless she is getting some rare sleep. They don't feel any worse today, maybe even a little better, but I am feeling like I might have a yeast infection but idk how that could have happened... I have been taking olive leaf extract and grapefruit seed extract in addition to airing out and my sitz bath last night helped out too

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Personally, I would be upset if a care provider (especially one I chose due to their supposed ability to provide more personal care) didn't return my phone call within 8-12 hours (add a few additional hours if the call occurred late at night).  Even if she's attending another delivery there is downtime where she could return phone calls to other patients with legitimate concerns. If she's had multiple deliveries in the past day, she could at least send a text or something.  

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Ok so after I posted yesterday morning I seriously felt like way better within an hour or so.. it was so weird. They are starting to itch now so that's a good sign. MW thinks it might have been hemorrhoids that may have aggravated everything down  there. I have been getting around way better and they don't hurt when I sit down or anything.

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