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Baby poop

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Does anybody else have (or has anyone had) a baby that's not doing the requisite ~4 poops a day? Is this always a cause for concern?


At 2.5 weeks old, Rocío has been averaging two a day. Last week she went three times for a couple of days, but has been at two big poops for a number of days. Today she hadn't gone all day so I gave her a tummy massage and that brought immediate results. She's eating frequently and well (was up half a pound over her birth weight at 11 days) and wetting plenty of diapers. I let her nurse on one side per feeding for as long as she wants, and I'm block feeding to make sure she's getting plenty of hindmilk. I know some babies poop a lot more than 4x/day, but could 2x just be her normal frequency? Or should I be taking some kind of action?


Thanks mamas. :)

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David has only been pooping about 2x a day. MW told me that it is common for BF babies to have fewer poops and even be constipated more, but it's not a huge deal unless they haven't gone for like 10 days... As long as she seems comfortable I think 2x is normal for her

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There is crazy variation for "normal" regarding poop and breasted babies. Dome poop every time they eat/nurse, some go days without pooping, then have poosplosions! Breastmilk is truly the perfect food, so there's not much waste! As long as everything else seems normal, I'd think she's okay!
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Nova is a strange little pooper :)


She poops every two days.. has at least three huge diaper explosions during her "poop phase" and then repeats.


I was at first worried she wasn't getting enough hindmilk, but my goodness gracious I think she's alright.  When she poops, she poops.

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Official guidelines are 5-6 poopie diapers per 24 hours until 6 weeks, then at least once a week. But a quarter size of poop counts as 1 poop,, so...  And if weight gain is good, that's what matters.

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Originally Posted by Yeeska View Post

Official guidelines are 5-6 poopie diapers per 24 hours until 6 weeks, then at least once a week
I haven't heard those numbers before. Interesting. Mine is an every other day pooper too.
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My little one isn't a big pooper either - we are lucky to get one every 24 hours. But that one poop is pretty big! Officially "One poop" is the size of the hole your hand makes when you make an okay sign which really isn't that big - not big enough to get all over the diaper, cover, and every inch of fabric within 5 feet of baby.  


The big deal with output is that it indicates input so if weight gain is good, it shouldn't be a cause for concern. If your worried about hindmilk, seediness can be a good sign - lots of "seeds" means lots of fatty goodness. My DH thinks I'm weird because I obsess over poop for the first week or two but I'm a worrier by nature and post-partum hormones and worries do not help. 

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Mine is easily filling 8 diapers a day with poop. It's ridiculous. I think the same as others though, as long as your babe is growing at a steady rate, they are getting enough (and you can be thankful for saving money in wipes and diapers- ha!).

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Thanks, everyone- this is reassuring.


Jules, it's nice to hear that your mw isn't too concerned.. I checked with mine and she didn't seem worried either, which helps. (Somehow it helps even more to hear that there are other babies out there doing the same thing!)


WCM and BRC_MacKenzie, yes! When the poop comes, it really comes. (Thanks for the tip re: seediness, too.. checking that will be a good way to calm myself down if I feel concerned. Her output is definitely seedy.)


Anya, oh boy. Your milk is the gift that keeps on giving! :-p

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We're getting 6 to 9 poopy dipes a day, too. DD would go several days, though. I'm hoping James settles into that pattern later!

I 100% agree that weight gain is really the only thing you need to worry about. Plenty of wet and poopy diapers is assurance that baby is "getting enough" but appropriate weight gain and a thriving baby is even better proof. I think it's just easier to measure diapers day to day, and people love to measure, you knnow?
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