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IC :-(

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So, I came home last week from a trip to the NW (which was so lovely) to discover I was 50% effaced abd 1.5 cm dilated.  My midwife gave me the choice of going in and getting an US to measure and having a consult with an OB but I've done the research on the cervical cerclage and decided it was not a good option for me.  She put my on pelvic rest and said we would move appointments to every 2 weeks for the time being.  She did not think I needed to be put on bed rest, though intuitively this seemed like what I needed.  I went and saw a naturopath who had practiced OB care for over 20 years but now does general practice.  He gave me a tincture and homeopathy and said he recommended I drop some of my classes (I am in medical school) and try to rest as much as possible (modified bed rest I suppose).  This week my cervix is about 20% effaced and 1 cm dilated so that's an improvement.  I am feeling more peaceful about things this week but still feel like I am a walking time bomb.  My plan for now is to try first to make it to 25 weeks then 28 then 32 and finally 36/37.  I know I was overdid it on the trip and had a trying quarter at school prior to that so I'm hoping now that things are calmer everything will stay mellow down there.  I've been taking lots of magnesium to keep my uterus calm and doing pelvic elevations to keep baby out of the pelvis and off the cervix.  I just wanted to share as I am not really telling anyone in real life.  The good news is I am almost to 21 weeks now so just 4 more until the first goal!  I hope everyone else out there is having a smooth pregnancy free of any worries.  Blessings.

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hug2.gif That sounds really stressful. I'm glad you have been able to keep a positive attitude about it. If you dont mind me asking, what made you decide against the cerclage? 


Ill be keeping my fingers crossed that you can make it to term!

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From what I read the cerclage hasn't really been shown to be that effective at preventing preterm labor.  It also comes with several risks that I'm not willing to take on at this point: infection, creating labor, breaking the amniotic sac etc.  It's also not a good choice for women with sensitive cervix (like me) and it has decreased effectiveness when used after the cervix has already started changing.  Additionally, many doctors won't consider it unless a woman has a history of several losses.  I have already carried a baby to term and have not had any cervical procedures done since her birth so that is in my favor.  Also on a personal/spiritual level I really tend to be less on the side of intervention unless it has really strong indications/ research.  Of course, if I progress at my next appointment I will re-evaluate but I am praying that that won't be the case and I am hopeful because my cervix lengthened this week.

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When I was doing research about it, it looked like the rates for elective cerclage were really high, but for emergent cerclage was lower. In this situation, would it be considered emergent? 


I hope your next appointment goes well. When is it? Make sure to keep us updated. I hope you dont have any other issues to deal with in these next few weeks. 

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Oh, so sorry you're dealing with this!
But glad to hear there has been some positive change.

I found this old thread super helpful with preterm labor info. It's something I'm worrying about this time, so I keep referring back to it.

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Adaline's Mama: Yes, since I've had cervical changes I now fall under the emergent category.  But I will keep you posted.  My next appointment is next Friday. 


Odinsmama: thank you so much for the link- very helpful.  I hope the both of us can stay out of the woods for the next 20 weeks!! Hugs!

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Yes, let's plan on the next 20 weeks being as uneventful as possible!
I've got a few things stocked up now, just in case. Started adding an electrolyte mix to my water occasionally, making sure I'm resting when I feel I need it and just not planning stuff that might be too much.
Hope you're able to ease up on your schedule a bit, too.

Here's another link.

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oh that is so stressful and scary..   I do have a friend who has IC and has carried 2 babies to term without a cerclage - she did go on strict hospital bedrest with her first baby from something like 24 -35 weeks (after it got worse on bedrest at home) and home bed rest with her 2nd for a couple months ..  if you'd like to talk to her pm me your email and i can send it to her. 

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I had an ultrasound today and cervical length was really good (3.1 cm) and closed!!! Yay! I am soooooo relieved.  I know this isn't a free pass but it does put my mind at ease and give me hope that this babe will stay put at least a little longer.  The radiologist did say he saw some slight "beaking" at the internal os which can be a sign the cervix is going to "unzip" but he said it was very slight and just to come back in a couple weeks to monitor it.  Another bonus- I got to see the baby!  This was a new experience for me since I only opt for medically necessary ultrasounds and didn't have a reason last time around.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed seeing all the baby parts and that sweet face.  We didn't peak though, so we will still be surpirsed to learn the gender in February.  We had such a nice tech too.  Big sigh of relief over here.....phew!  Thank you all for your support- it is really helpful to know I have other mamas rooting for me and my baby. 

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Yay! Great news, mama!!
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yay! that is awesome news!!

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Ah, sweet relief! Happy for you.

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Yay!!! That is so awesome!

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Great news!