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St. Louis OB/hospital

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I would like to find a female OB in St. Louis who is educated and supportive in natural birth.  I need to deliver somewhere where they will be fine with bonding and breastfeeding for as long as I want directly following the birth.  I also want a place that is supportive of rooming in (ie, will not try to talk me out of it if I say it's what I want) and where minimal number of people will touch/breathe on my baby.  Any recommendations?  TIA.

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My OB is male so that won't help, but I delivered 2 of my kids at Missouri Baptist and they were fine with baby staying as long as I wanted.  Never any grief over baby sleeping with me and really encourage mom to nurse all the time.  Third kid was born at home and they treated me like a goddess when I got to the hospital.  They really helped me focus on reaching my natural childbirth, attached mama goals while I was there.

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The birth center is opening in february.  That might be an option?  I've heard good things about Dr LIndsay in ofallon/st charles area, but I don't know anyone who has birthed with her.  There's a good female dr at st johns, but they suck for rooming in and natural things.   I had no problems at st mary's with baby sleeping in my bed and all newborn testing etc was even done in my room.  I had my first at mobap, but that was a cs.  Dh went w/ baby everywhere, but they took her away for testing.  Good luck and let us know how your birth goes!

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