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New Ad features Breastfeeding Mama!

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Okay, so it's a diaper ad and not a cloth diaper ad, but I think this is progress... plus it's hilarious.




It shows a mom struggling to cover up her nursing infant in a restaurant and labels the scenario: "First Kid", then shows the same mom happily nursing right out in the open (gasp!) and labels it "Second Kid" as she redirects the stunned waiter's gaze back up to her eyes and tells him that her baby has already ordered... it's pretty cute. We've come a long way, baby. There's like, naked boobage in there and everything. LOL I don't know where else it's running, but I got it on my Hulu account while streaming a new pilot called "666 Park Avenue".


I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts...

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Progress, for sure.

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Lol, very cute and true!!

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Love it!
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Thanks for sharing!  I showed it to my kids and my 12 year old was impressed.  I've always considered myself very modest, but she thought I was more like "second kid" with my attitude toward breastfeeding.  I'm glad she perceives that we should be open and comfortable with breastfeeding.

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Makes me feel not-so-bad that our go-to disposables are Luvs!

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I have such mixed feelings about that ad.  I love EVERYTHING about it except that I really really really wish it was an ad for anything except sposies!  


So go overt NIP bftoddler.gifand GO CLOTH DIAPERS!  cd.gif

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