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Adoption gift ideas?

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My niece has an adoption date set after being with her foster parents for over two years.  I'd love to get her and perhaps her parents an adoption day gift, but I have no idea what would be appropriate.


My niece is 5 years old.  Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated!

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This is your biological niece? Or your sister/brother is about to adopt? 


If the first, BIOFAMILY PHOTOS. Maybe in scrapbook format with little blurbs about the different relatives? I'd give anything to be able to provide that to my foster son. 


If you are a member of the adoptive family, maybe a family tree picture photostand with pictures of your parents, your siblings and their spouses, and all the kids including your new niece? 



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Depends on your budget, closeness to the family, interests, etc. My favorite gifts we received when we adopted my son are:

- a printed, framed poem celebrating adoption

- children's books about adoption, family diversity, and love

- donations to his college fund

- family photos (both sides - bio and adopted) combined into a book

- a tree (an actual living tree)

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Thanks for the ideas!  This is my biological niece.  We gave her a scrapbook with family and baby pictures when we knew her foster family was pursuing adoption.


I was thinking a book would be a good gift, but I can't seem to find one specific to foster adoption.  Any suggestions of a foster adopt book from the point of view of the bio family?  It doesn't necessarily have to be from the bio family point of view...maybe just from the child's point of view?



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I think it's lovely that you want to do this for your niece.  Tapestry books has a whole section of children's books relating to foster-adopt...



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Thank you so much for the link, Spotted Foxx!  I think I found the perfect book there for her.  I knew something like that had to be out there.  Thanks again!  Now I'm trying to find a card, but I think I'll just make her one.  All of the adoption day cards I can find are from the adopting family, not the birth family. 

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