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Telling DC1

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When and how are you planning to tell your first children about the pregnancy?

My DD is 4.5yrs, and REALLY looking forward to having a little sibling. She's also not quite able to understand the concept of time; still asking when her birthday will be here and that not for 6 months. Also she doesn't understand the concept of keeping it a surprise from her grandparents until much later when we're far enough along to tell the rest of the family. At what point in your pregnancy did you or are you planning on telling your other children?

Also, I'm looking for cute ways to tell her. Thought of getting her the big sister shirt and a book. Other ideas? What did you do, or are planning on doing?
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We told DSS when I was 15 weeks.  If we didn't live in such a small town, we would have waited a bit longer.  (We had started telling our friends and work and his mom would have heard through mutual friends and we wanted him to hear it from us, not his mom.)  He just turned 7, but his sense of time is still a little wonky.  It's a long time to wait.


We didn't do anything "cute".  Well, his dad tried, but it was a huge failure (I had knitted a pair of baby socks that matched a pair of adult socks I had given DP when I told DP the news - he showed the baby socks to DSS and asked him who he thought they were for... Obviously he had no clue...)


We are reading a book together called "What to Expect When the Baby Arrives" and it's going well.


Last night DSS told me I should swallow a small toy so that the baby has something to play with twins.gif.

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